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Kinco F122-D1608T Controller



Kitoma Indonesia : Kinco F122-D1608T Controller


  • Type CPU
  • Supply voltage : +24V
  • Input points : 16
  • Output transistor : 8 (transistor)
  • Number of expansion modules : 127

F122-D1608T Features

  • High performance CPU
  • Strong developing function
  • Perfect hardware protection measures
  • CANopen bus communication ability
  • Support various communication speed
  • Perfect CANopen software function
  • Perfect PDO communication mode

1. High performance CPU

  • High performance CPU of 32 bits 520Mhz RISC
  • Excellent in processing the Boolean data and easy to operate the integer and float data
  • Use the multi-task operation system (Main task, fast task and even task), the processing of milisecond time scale task will be very simple, you can regulate it according to the application, and needn't consider other factors

2. Strong developing function

  • Use the Codesys software of German 3S Company to program. Which is the most famous company for PLC core software development
  • Provide 6 IEC programming languages, graphical programming tool, senior online help and amount of data inputting help guide. You can test the program in the simulator after developing. Users can customize library functions, all the commonly functions are appear in fixed form to reduce the user's programming time and difficulty
  • Support remote downloading/monitoring it is easy for users to remote debugging

3. Perfect hardware protection measures

  • Short-circuit protection for power supply, the module use resettable fuse, it can reset it self after the module got a short-circuit
  • Short cirucit protection for inputting, digital input module use resettable fuse, it can break when the input gets a short cut, and when the short-circuit recovers, it can reset itself, so that protect the input circuit from burning out

4. CANoepn bus communication ability
Support CANopen 2.0 protocol that is defined by the CIA organization, so it can communicate with devices which support this protocol, like remote I/O module, servo, inverter, meter and so on. It can apply to various production lines, mechanical equipments, intelligent building and so on

5. Support various communication speed
Satisfy various application situations, support the following baud rates : 10k/20k/50k/125k/250k/500k/800k/1M

6. Perfect CANopen software function

  • Support the NMT message
  • Support the Node Protection message
  • Support the Heart beat message

7. Perfect PDO communication mode

  • Support asynchronous communication mode
  • Support synchronous message communication mode, real time of data exchanging is very high

Software Technical Data


Scanning Period Min.1ms
Program Capacity 2M
Execution Speed Arithmetic operation time for integers: min 3.4µs/1000AWL
Arithmetic operation time for floating points: min 0.13ms/1000AWL
Arithmetic operation time for triangle function: min 6.0ms/1000AWL
Programming Language According with the IEC61131-3 standard
Com Port 2 CAN ports, 1 Ethernet port, 2 serial ports(RS232, RS485)
Communication Protocol CANopen 2.0A
Synchro Message Support
Nmt Message Support
Pdo Communication Asynchronous, synchronous and remote requests
Baud Rate(bps) 10K(1,000 m)/20K(800 m)/50K(600 m)/125K(500m)/250K(250m)/500K(100m)/800K(50 m)/1M(25 m)
Station Number 1-127


Hardware Technical Data


Power Supply Rated: +24V/1A, (<+20V<+30v), reset="" itself,="" the="" longest="" time="" for="" losing="" electric="" is="" 10ms<="" td=""><+30v),>
CAN Power Supply Provide power by internal +5V power supply itself
Digital Input/output 16DI\8DO
Digital Input Type Photoelectric isolation, supports both low and high level
Digital Output Type Photoelectric isolation, Transistor high level output, the maximum output current is 500mA; Over current protection (Recover by itself)
Voltage Range of Digital Output ±24V (15~36VDC), Input current>3mA
Digital Output Frequency 1KHz@24V500mA
Operating Temperature -10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃



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