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Control Techniques Commander C200 Series



Control Techniques Commander C200 Series

General Purpose Low Voltage AC Drives
Simple, Reliable Motor Control

0.25 kW to 132 kW (0.33 HP to 200 HP)

Commander variable speed drives have established the standard of excellence in motor control since 1983 when Control Techniques launched the first world commercial vector drive. Since then, Commander has undergone several successful reiterations, each time bringing new technology and innovations to the world of automation.

The new Commander C series has been designed to be a simple and compact AC motor speed controller that meets advanced requirements in a wide range of applications and provides optimum user experience.

Commander C Highlights

  • Set just 4 parameters to get your drive started
  • Plug-in options for advanced control
  • Dual Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Equipped with the latest energy saving features
  • Up to 180% overload for high torque applications
  • On board PLC
  • Straightforward installation and commissioning
  • Easy motor pairing and performance control
  • Robust and reliable design


Simple set up. 3 steps to control

Setting up a drive can require training, specialist knowledge and time.

Not with Commander C: it will get you up and running, from out of the box to controlling your motor, in minutes. Three simple steps will set up your drive for most fan, pump, compressor, conveyor and general purpose applications!



Control Mode

Open loop vector or V / Hz induction motor control
Open loop Rotor Flux Control for induction motors (RFC-A)



Pumping, Ventilating & Compressing

  • Improved energy effi  ciency during periods of low demand
  • On board PLC & PID functionalities make advanced control easy and effi  cient without the need of an external controller
  • Skip Frequencies allow users to easily avoid equipment resonant frequencies, reducing high vibration levels
  • Supply Loss Ride Through will keep the drive up and running through most power outages


  • Accurate remote speed control with fi eldbus communications
  • S-ramp acceleration / deceleration profi ling provides smooth speed transitions minimizing machine jerk
  • Overload capacity up to 180% to add stability
  • Avoids early wear and tear of the equipment

Lifting, Hoisting & Winching

  • Adjustable mechanical brake sequencing with torque proving function – no need for an external controller
  • Embedded PLC functionality can manage local I/O reducing the need for an external controller

Access Control

  • Smooth motion with enhanced open loop control
  • Small physical size allows the drive to be mounted easily in smaller control cabinets
  • Highly reliable in harsh environments, providing long lasting service

Processing (Mixers, Crushers, Agitators, Centrifuges, Extruders)

  • Ease of integration to external PLC or other management systems through powerful networking options
  • Conformal coating for enhanced environmental protection
  • Overload capacity up to 180%
  • Highly stable motor control


Features & Accessories

Easy motor pairing and performance control

  • Fixed boost by default for easy set-up
    • Multi-motor control
  • V/Hz for advanced performance
    • 100% torque available to 1 Hz
    • Slip compensation
    • Square law V/F mode
    • Dynamic V/F mode
    • Auto tune (stationary and rotating)
  • Open loop vector
  • Enhanced open loop RFC
    • Closed current loop for greater stability
    • Auto tuning (stationary and rotating)



Flexible Connectivity

The ‘SI’ Interface in Commander C enables integration with a wide range of available industry standard fi eldbuses or extended I/O to allow remote control and diagnostics across diff erent networks. Additionally, the AI-485 Adaptor option permits connection to RS485 networks using Modbus RTU.




Robust and Reliable Design

  • PCBs conformal coated for resilience to harsh environments
  • Patented air fl ow system cools and protects components
  • Voltage tolerance for smooth operation during variable supply
  • Intelligent 3 speed replaceable fan with failure detection
  • Trip avoidance features take action instead of tripping out:
    • Load shedding reduces speed at current limits
    • Supply loss ride-through runs during brown outs
  • High overload capability – 180% for 3 s (RFC-A mode) or 150% for 60 s (Open loop mode)
  • Ingress protection: IP21-UL open class (NEMA 1)

More control, less cost

  • On board PLC
  • Built-in independent PID control


Energy Saving

  • Dynamic V/Hz - improves effi  ciency by reducing motor voltage during low demand
  • 98% effi  cient - only 2% of energy is lost during the conversion process
  • Low power standby mode - drives can be idle for signifi cant periods, saving energy
  • Automatic 3-speed cooling fan - keeps energy usage & acoustics to a minimum by intelligently responding to load and the environment
  • Square Law V/F mode - optimized for quadratic loads like pumps & fans to reduce motor losses


Terminal Diagram




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