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Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol E500 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol E500 Series Variable Frequency Drives


Freqrol E500 Series Features

The cost-effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications.

  • Up to 10 Hp at 600VAC
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Auto-tuning
  • 50°C maximum ambient temperature
  • RS-485 serial communication (standard)
  • Selectable cooling fan operation mode
  • Built-in PID control
  • Adjustable carrier frequency (0.7kHz to 14.5kHz)
  • Optional keypad interface (FR-PA02-02)
  • Compatible with FR-PU04 user interface
  • UL & cUL listed / CE marked
  • Open-network communication options
  • DeviceNet
  • CC-Link
  • Profibus DP
  • Brake Transistor


E500 General Specifications

Control Specifications

Control Method

Soft-PWM control / high carrier frequency PWM control can be selected. V / F control or general-purpose magnetic flux vector control can be selected.

Output Frequency Range

0.2 to 400Hz (starting frequency variable between 0 and 60Hz)

Frequency Control

Analog Input

Across terminals 2-5: 1/500 of maximum set frequency (5VDC input), 1/1000 (10VDC, 4-20mADC input).

Digital Input

0.01Hz (less than 100Hz), 0.1Hz (100Hz or more) when digital setting is made using the control panel.

Frequency Precision

Analog Input

Within ±0.5% of maximum output frequency (25°C ±10°C) / 59°F to 95°F.

Digital Input

Within 0.01% of set output frequency when setting is made from control panel.

Voltage / Frequency Characteristics

Base frequency set as required between 0 and 400Hz. Constant torque or variable torque pattern can be selected.

Starting Torque

150% or more (at 1Hz), 200% or more (at 3Hz) when general-purpose magnetic flux vector control or slip compensation is selected.

Torque Boost

Manual torque boost, 0 to 30% may be set.

Acceleration / Deceleration Time Setting

0.01, 0.1 to 3600 sec. (accel. and decel. can be set individually), linear or S-pattern accel./decel. mode can be selected

Braking Torque


0.1K, 0.2K...150% or more, 0.4K, 0.75K... 00% or more, 1.5K...50% or more, 2.2K, 3.7K, 5.5K, 7.5K ... 20% or more (*1)

DC Dynamic Brake

Operation frequency (0 to 120Hz), operation time (0 to 10 s), operation voltage (0 to 30%) variable.

Stall Prevention Operation Level

Operation current level can be set (0 to 200% variable), presence or absence can be selected.

Voltage Stall Prevention Operation Level

Operation level is fixed, presence or absence can be selected.

Fast-Response Current Limit Level

Operation level is fixed, presence or absence can be selected.

Input Signals

Frequency Setting Signal

Analog Input

0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC, 4 to 20mADC.

Digital Input

Entered from control panel (FR-PA02-02).

Starting Signal

Forward and reverse rotation, start signal automatic self-holding input (3-wire input) can be selected.

Alarm Reset

Used to reset alarm output provided when protective function is activated.

Multi-Speed Selection

Up to 15 speeds can be selected. (Each speed can be set between 0 and 400Hz, running speed can be changed during operation from the control panel.)

Second Function Selection

Used to select second functions (accel. time, decel. time, torque boost, freq., electronic overcurrent protection).

Use Pr. 180 to Pr. 183 for selection.

Output Stop

Instantaneous shut-off of inverter output (frequency, voltage).

Current Input Selection

Used to select input of frequency setting signal 4 to 20mADC (terminal 4).

Start Signal Automatic Self-Holding Selection

Used to select start signal automatic self-holding input. (3-wire input)

External Thermal Relay Input

Thermal relay contact input for use when the inverter is stopped by the external thermal relay.

PU Operation-External Operation Switching

Used to switch between PU operation and external operation from outside the inverter.

V/F-General-Purpose Magnetic Flux Switching

Used to switch between V/F control and general-purpose magnetic flux vector from outside the inverter.

Operation Functions

Maximum/minimum frequency setting, frequency jump operation, external thermal relay input selection, automatic restart operation after instantaneous power failure, forward/reverse rotation prevention, slip comp., operation mode selection, off-line auto tuning function, PID control, computer link operation (RS-485).

Output Signals

Operation Status

2 open collector output signals can be selected from inverter running, up to frequency, frequency detection, overload alarm, zero current detection, output current detection, PID upper limit, PID lower limit, PID forward/reverse rotation, operation ready, minor fault and alarm, and 1 contact output (230VAC 0.3A, 30VDC 0.3A) can be selected.

For Meter

1 signal can be selected from output frequency, motor current and output voltage. Pulse train output (1440 pulses/second/full scale).


Control Panel Display

Operating Status

Output voltage, output current, set frequency, running.

Alarm Definition

Alarm definition is displayed when protective function is activated. 4 alarm definitions are stored.

LED Display

Power application (POWER)

Protective And Warning Functions

Overcurrent shut-off (during acceleration, deceleration, constant speed), regenerative overvoltage shut-off, undervoltage (*2) , instantaneous power failure (*2), overload shut-off (electronic overcurrent protection), brake transistor alarm, output short circuit, stall prevention, brake resistor overheat protection, fan overheat, fan failure, parameter error, PU disconnection, ground fault protection.


Ambient Temperature

Constant torque: -10°C to +50°C (non-freezing) 14°F to 122°F

Ambient Humidity

90%RH or less (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature (*3)

-20°C to +65°C / -4°F to 149°F


Indoors, no corrosive and flammable gases, oil mist, dust and dirt.


Maximum 1000m (3300 ft.) above sea level for standard operation. After that derate by 3% for every extra 500m up to 2500m (91%).


5.9 m/s2 (0.6G max.) based on JIS C 0911.


The braking torque indicated is a short-duration average torque (which varies with motor loss) when the motor alone is decelerated from 60Hz in the shortest time and is not a continuous regenerative torque. When the motor is decelerated from the frequency higher than the base frequency, the average deceleration torque will reduce. Since the inverter does not contain a brake resistor, use the optional brake resistor when regenerative energy is large. (The optional brake resistor cannot be used with 0.1K and 0.2K.) A brake unit (BU) may also be used.

When undervoltage or instantaneous power failure has occurred, alarm display or alarm output is not provided but the inverter itself is protected. Overcurrent, regenerative overvoltage or other protection may be activated at power restoration according to the operating status (load size, etc.).

Temperature applicable for a short period in transit, etc.




Model Number



Stocked Item


Keypad for E500 VFD

For mounting on E500 VFD



Keypad Panel Mounting Adapter

For use only on FR-PA02-02 and FR-CB20_



LED Parameter Unit

Also used with A500(L).



LCD Parameter Unit

Also used with A500(L).



E560 DeviceNet Interface

Plug-in Option. Not for use with E520 or E510W.



E560 Profibus DP Interface

Plug-in Option. Not for use with E520 or E510W.



E560 CC-Link Interface

Plug-in Option. Not for use with E520 or E510W.



E560 LonWorks Interface

Plug-in Option. Not for use with E520 or E510W.



Remote cable

1m cable



Remote Cable

3m cable



Remote Cable

5m cable



FR-A500 / E500 Technical Manual

Only available for download.



FR-E5NC, CC-Link Instruction Manual

Only available for download.



FR-E5ND, DeviceNet Instruction Manual

Only available for download.



FR-E5NP, Profibus Instruction Manual

Only available for download.



FR-E560 Instruction Manual

Only available for download.



Serial Communication Cable





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