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Omron NT631/NT631C Touch Screen



Kitoma Indonesia - Omron NT631/NT631C Touch Screen


Improved Functionality Based on Complete Research in Designing, Development, and Production Site Needs

To keep in pace with the progress of information technology on production sites, more advanced and more diversified functions are continuously required from operator interfaces. OMRON continuously researches the use of operator interfaces at all stages of application.

OMRON scrutinizes system compatibility, design efficiency, and maintenance, and has now achieved new versions of the NT631/NT31 Programmable Terminals with the functionality required by the users. Experience the remarkable progress of NT631/NT31.



Improved SYSMAC Compatibility for Easier System Construction


Device Monitor Function


The device monitor function makes it possible to read and write I/O memory data and display consecutive sections of PLC data areas. This function greatly improves the efficiency of PLC setup work, including set value input into the Special I/O Units and checks on the settings. Data can be read from I/O memory from a user-created screen to enable application on maintenance screens for monitoring.


Programmable Console Functions

Ladder Programs written in mnemonics can be written and read through the NT631/NT31 screens for easy on-site system maintenance.


Full-area Access to SYSMAC CS1-series PLCs over High-speed NT Link

Connect to SYSMAC CS1-series PLC over High-speed NT Link


  • The industry's highest serial communications speed
  • Up to eight NT631/NT31 Units can be connected to a single port
  • Extends to a maximum of 500m
  • Essentially the same performance is achieved for NT Links with eight PTs as for an NT Link with a single PT (for refreshing numeric displays)


Improved Support Software

Greatly Improved Support

Windows Look and Feel environment ensures easy operation, allowing anyone to create screens quickly and easily. The enhanced ON/OFF simulation function of the NT631/NT31 and easy application of existing screen data accelerate product development and designing.


  • The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to move elements dot by dot
  • Displays element and cursor coordinates
  • The window being manipulated can be displayed or no displayed
  • Zooms up to 800%


ON/OFF Simulation on Edit Screen

Easily confirm the ON/OFF status of lamps and touch switches from  personal computer.

A simulated screen with standard elements provided can include touch switches can lamps that are easily registered with the Symbol Manager.


General Specifications

Item Model NT631C-ST153(B)-EV3
 Rated power supply voltage
 24 VDC
 Allowable power supply voltage range
 20.4 to 26.4 VDC (24 VDC –15%/+10%)
 Power consumption
 18 W max.
 Ambient operating temperature

 0 to 50°C

 Storage temperature

 20 to 60°C

 Ambient operating humidity
 35% to 85% (with no condensation)
 Ambient operating environment
 No corrosive gases
 Noise immunity
 Conforms to IEC 61000-4-4 at 2 kV (power supply line).
 Vibration resistance (during operation)  5 to 9 Hz, single amplitude: 3.5 mm
 9 to 150 Hz, 9.8 m/s²
 10 times (1 octave/min) each in X, Y, and Z directions
 Shock resistance (during operation)  147 m/s2, 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
 Weight  2.5 kg max.
 Degree of protection (front panel)  Equivalent to IP65 oil-proof type and NEMA4 (See note.)




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