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Schneider MCB tipe iR Series - Relays



Kitoma Indonesia - menyediakan Schneider MCB tipe iR Series


Schneider MCB tipe iR Series

  • iRTA
  • iRTB
  • iRTC
  • iRTH
  • iRTL
  • iRTMF
  • iRBN
  • iRTBT
  • iRLI
  • iERL
  • iRCP
  • iRCI
  • iRCU
  • iRCC
  • Relays


MCB Schneider ini merupakan seri terbaru untuk voltage/tegangan yang rendah, DIN rail Systemnya lebih dari 63 A

Karena fitur-fitur eklusifnya, Acti 9 range untuk tegangan rendah, sistem DIN rel menyediakan keamanan mutlak dan kelangsungan layanan yang lebih baik.

  • VisiSafe: for safe operation and maintenance work on circuits.
  • Class-2 insulation: continuous safety for operators and non-qualified personnel.
  • VISI-TRIP: detects faulty Miniature Circuit-Breaker outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
  • Fully immune add-on Residual Current Devices: better continuity of service, in particular for polluted networks and environments.
  • The Reflex iC60 all-in-one concept, a one-piece combined unit integrating a circuit-breaker + contactor + impulse relay.
  • Total coordination guaranteed by Schneider Electric.
  • Optimised design time, in particular for lighting solutions in buildings.
  • 50% fewer connections with the Reflex iC60 all-in-one concept
  • Flexible, upgradeable solutions and simple operations
    • Easier status diagnosis via product front face indications
    • Multiclip distribution systems suitable for upgrading electrical facilities, add-ons, adaptation, phase balancing, etc.
    • Easy to adapt to constraints and last-minute changes in the tertiary and industrial fields
    • Operating and control mode selection
    • Building management system interfacing
  • Limitation of intervention costs on remote structures thanks to the new automatic remote control auxiliary.


Tersedia juga

  • Acti 9 range for low voltage DIN rail system up to 63 A
  • Acti 9 iC60 DIN rail Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB),
  • Acti 9 Vigi iC60 add-on RCD
  • Acti 9 accessories for iC60 MCBs & iID RCCBs: splitter blocks…
  • Acti 9 electrical auxiliaries for iC60 MCBs & iID RCCBs
  • Acti 9 iID DIN rail Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)
  • Acti 9 iPF, iPRD DIN rail type 2 Surge Protector Device (SPD)
  • Acti 9 Reflex iC60: Din rail integrated control circuit breakers
  • Acti 9 iCT DIN rail contactor
  • Acti 9 iTL DIN rail impulse relay
  • Acti 9 iIL DIN rail Led indicator light
  • Acti 9 iSW DIN rail control switch & switch-disconnector
  • Acti 9 iPB and iSSW DIN rail push button & changeover switch



  • The efficiency you deserve
  • Acti 9 is a DIN rail switchgear system that combines efficiency with safety to ensure maximum safety for you, your customers and their installations.
  • Acti 9 is packed full of innovations. Acti 9 enjoys the benefits of Schneider Electric's more than 40 years of experience.
  • Acti 9 covers all applications, especially polluted environments and networks with absolute safety and improved continuity of service. Example: VisiTrip detects Faulty outgoers.
  • Acti 9 is easy to choose, thanks to its meaningful part numbers. Example: A9XXX225 = 2P, 25A.
  • Acti 9 is easy to install and environmentally friendly. Example: Its components are 100% recyclable and recoverable.



Low-voltage final distribution

  • Protection by Miniature Circuit-Breaker (MCB) in all industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Protection of motor circuits.
  • Protection of DC circuits.
  • Protection of people and property by super-immune earth leakage Residual Current Devices (RCDs).
  • Protection by surge arresters against overvoltages of atmospheric origin.
  • Control of power and control circuits by contactors and impulse relays.
  • Remote control of circuits by remote controls associated with Miniature Circuit-Breaker.
  • Remote control and protection of circuits by integrated control circuit-breaker
  • Programming, regulation, signalling, etc.



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