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PI7800 Frequency Inverter Powtran



Kitoma Indonesia : PI7800 Frequency Inverter Powtran


Powtran PI7800 Low Voltage High Power Frequency Inverter

Power range : 11kW - 630kW
Maximum frequency : 800 Hz
Voltage level :

  • 1-phase 220V
  • 3-phase 220V
  • 3-phase 380/480/690V

POWTRAN Technology PI7800 series of medium voltage inverter is mainly used on power plants and mining related industries, considering of the international market demand, popularize 480V, 575V, 660V, 690V and other medium voltage inverter, satisfy various voltage levels of working conditions.

PI7800 Models

PI7800 011G32 : 11kW, 380V, 25A
PI7800 015F32 : 15kW, 380V, 32A
PI7800 015G32 : 15kW, 380V, 32A
PI7800 018F32 : 18kW, 380V, 38A
PI7800 018G3 : 18kW, 380V, 38A
PI7800 022F3 : 22kW, 380V, 45A
PI7800 022G3 : 22kW, 380V, 45A
PI7800 030F3 : 30kW, 380V, 60A
PI7800 030G3 : 30kW, 380V, 60A
PI7800 037G3 : 37kW, 380V, 75A
PI7800 045F3 : 45kW, 380V, 90A
PI7800 045G3 : 45kW, 380V, 90A
PI7800 055F3 : 55kW, 380V, 110A
PI7800 055G3 : 55kW, 380V, 110A
PI7800 075F3 : 75kW, 380V, 150A
PI7800 075G3 : 75kW, 380V, 150A
PI7800 093F3 : 93kW, 380V, 170A
PI7800 093G3 : 93kW, 380V, 170A
PI7800 110F3 : 110kW, 380V, 210A
PI7800 110G3 : 110kW, 380V, 210A
PI7800 132F3 : 132kW, 380V, 250A
PI7800 132G3 : 132kW, 380V, 250A
PI7800 160F3 : 160kW, 380V, 300A
PI7800 160G3 : 160kW, 380V, 300A
PI7800 187F3 : 187kW, 380V, 340A
PI7800 187G3 : 187kW, 380V, 340A
PI7800 200F3 : 200kW, 380V, 380A
PI7800 200G3 : 200kW, 380V, 380A
PI7800 220F3 : 220kW, 380V, 415A
PI7800 220G3 : 220kW, 380V, 415A
PI7800 250F3 : 250kW, 380V, 470A
PI7800 250G3 : 250kW, 380V, 470A
PI7800 280F3 : 280kW, 380V, 520A
PI7800 280G3 : 280kW, 380V, 520A
PI7800 315F3 : 315kW, 380V, 600A
PI7800 315G3 : 315kW, 380V, 600A
PI7800 355F3 : 355kW, 380V, 640A
PI7800 355G3 : 355kW, 380V, 640A
PI7800 400F3 : 400kW, 380V, 690A
PI7800 400G3 : 400kW, 380V, 690A
PI7800 450F3 : 450kW, 380V, 740A
PI7800 450G3 : 450kW, 380V, 740A
PI7800 500F3 : 450kW, 380V, 860A
PI7800 500G3 : 500kW, 380V, 860A
PI7800 560F3 : 560kW, 380V, 920A
PI7800 560G3 : 560kW, 380V, 920A
PI7800 630F3 : 630kW, 380V, 980A


New hardware and software design, excellent performance, higher quality assurance, fashional industry appearance.

Performance Features

  • New hardware and software design
  • Excellent performance promoting
  • Higher quality assurance
  • Fashion appearance of industrialization
  • Using DSP(Digital Signal Processor) as the core control unit, realize high-speed and high-performance control
  • Integrating V/F control, V/F + PG control, and vector control + PG control function
  • Three kinds of space voltage vector waveform way
  • Dead time compensation function, realize high output torque in low frequency
  • Automatic slip compensation
  • 10 kinds of frequency setting mode, Analog terminals can receive the customized signal within 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 20mA
  • Achieve up to seven sections of velocity and eight sections of acceleration control.
  • Six programmable output control terminals.
  • Built-in PID capabilities that enable high-performance closed-loop control.
  • Support 0 ~ 10V, 1 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA feedback signal.
  • PID adjust DC brake
  • Speed tracking start and power recovery operation function
  • Powerful communication capabilities support the standard RS485, Can Bus, and keyboard remote control function.
  • Humanized display menu, simultaneous display of three groups of state parameters.
  • Special inverter modules (IGBT) temperature monitoring function, cooling fan regulation controlled, timely reduce electrical noise and temperature rise
  • Efficient fault checking and record function, for easy troubleshooting
  • Parameter protect function
  • Unique design, minimize the pollution of drives to power supply.
  • Stable, succinct, artistic

Technical Features

  • Using DSP (Digital Signal Processor) as the core control unit, achieve optimal SPWM control technology
  • Intergrate V/F Control, V/F + PG Control, Vector Control + PG Control, Three Methods for space voltage vector waveform generating
  • Slip Compensation function make stable operation of the motor
  • Built-in automatic torque compensation function, torque control function make constant torque operation of the motor
  • Ten ways to set the frequency, analog terminals can receive customized signals within the range of 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 20mA
  • Achieve up to seven sections of the speed and eight acceleration control, built-in PID function enable high-performance closed-loop control
  • Support 0 ~ 10V, 1 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA feedback signal
  • Revolving speed tracking start and recover running after instant power-off function
  • Powerfull communication capabilities to support standard RS485 and CAN BUS, meanwhile offer remote keyboard control function
  • Humanized menu, Highlighted LED display, Simultaneous display of Three Groups of State Parameters
  • Unique design, minimize the pollution of drives to power supply

Applications Field

  • Metallurgy
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Electric power
  • Building Materials
  • Coal
  • Lifting
  • Sewage treatment, etc



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