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PI9130 Powtran Frequency Inverter



Kitoma Indonesia : PI9130 Powtran Frequency Inverter

High Performance Vector frequency inverter

Multiple New technology Multiple protection mechaniesm
High Steady speed precision wide speed adjustment
High efficiency energy saving easy operation

PI9130 Models

1-phase 220V ± 10%

PI9130 R4G1 : 0.4 kW, 2.5 A
PI9130 0R7G1 : 0.75 kW, 4 A
PI9130 1R5G1 : 1.5 kW, 7 A
PI9130 2R2G1 : 2.2 kW, 10 A
PI9130 004G1 : 4 kW, 16 A

3-Phase 220V ± 10%

PI9130 0R4G2 : 0.4 kW, 2.5 A
PI9130 0R7G2 : 0.75 kW, 4 A
PI9130 1R5G2 : 1.5 kW, 7 A
PI9130 2R2G2 : 2.2 kW, 10 A
PI9130 004G2 : 4 kW, 16 A

3-phase 380V ± 10%

PI9130 0R7G3 : 0.75 kW, 2.5 A
PI9130 1R5G3 : 1.5 kW, 3.8 A
PI9130 2R2G3 : 2.2 kW, 5.1 A
PI9130 004G3 : 4 kW, 9 A
PI9130 5R5G3 : 5.5 kW, 13 A
PI9130 7R5G3 : 7.5 kW, 17 A
PI9130 011F3 : 11 kW, 25 A


PI9130 Specifications



Technical Features

  • Steady speed precision high speed range
  • High speed high performance control DSP core control unit
    • Simple PLC, Parameter auto-tuning, Low frequency high torque strong performance of vector control
  • Single IGBT (Insulated gate bipolar transistor)
    • High input impedance characteristics
  • IPM Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module (Advance power switch components)
    • Characteristic : GTR high current density, Low saturation voltage, resistance to high voltage, high input impedance, high switching frequency, low driving power.
    • Efficiency : easy operation, small frame, integrated performance diversification, enhance the system reliability.
  • High torque at low speed, Small torque ripple
    • Stable output torque, low speed large torque.
    • Torque mode and speed mode switch easily
    • Closed-loop vector mode, linear torque linearity error within 3%
  • Infineon PIM integrated power module (Integrated power devices)
    • Integrated all parts and circuits
    • Small size, large power
    • Low loss, more stable
  • Keep working when Instantaneous power failure
    • Function : when the grid instantaneous fall or blackout, inverter can keep working by feedback energy
    • Application : suitable for equipment operation requiring high continuity
    • Such as textile production, chemical fiber
  • Anti-corrosion paint protection circuit (Anti corrosion paint processing Prolong the service life)
    • Superior insulation moisture-proof
    • Prevent electric leakage shock-proof dust-proof
    • Corrosion resistance aging corona resistance, etc.
  • Temeprature control perfectly
    • Efficient and accurate thermal simulation platform software pass the simulation test of science
    • High accuracy, high efficiency and good stability
    • Available for replace the actual load test simulation, equivalent temperature inspection again
  • The whole machine temperature rise test
    • A rate load temperature rise test and overload temperature rise test
    • The test result conform to the thermal design safety margin
    • Ensure safe and stable operation of the converter
  • Multiple defensive function
    • Over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-load protection, over-heating protection, loss of speed protection, lose phase protection, External fault, communication error, PID feedback signal abnormalities, PG failures, Current detection fault, motor self-learning fault, EEPROM operation fault, Such as multiple protection mechanism.
  • Powerful short circuit protection function (Using multiple protection design)
    • Has the ability of interphase short circuit protection, short circuit protection, DC24V/10V
    • Short circuit protection function, can effectively protect the inverter and motor safety running and prolong the service life of equipment
  • Intelligent fan control (Through software using the intelligent fan start-stop control)
    • When the inverter is up and running, to start the fan cooling
    • When the inverter dormancy or downtime, a cooling dan to enter
    • Delay stop state, later will automatically stop running
    • Save electricity and prolong the service life of fan
  • Strong and weak electricity, built-in 485
    • Separately strong and weak electricity, reducing interference from high voltage part of weak current
    • Programming Logic controller for more than 485 section frequency automatic control
  • Function of automatic voltage regular (AVR) (Three-phase high precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer)
    • with functions of automatic voltage regulation, when the grid voltage Plus or minus 10% change, can automatically maintain a constant output voltage
  • A variety of frequency source in a given way
    • The keyboard setting, analog voltage setting, analog current setting, Multistage speed operation set, PID control set, the remote communication setting, keypad given seven kinds of frequency source, such as a variety of ways
  • Multistage speed operation function
    • Through the user-defined control terminal can realize simple function of PLC through control terminal it can achieved 16 step speed operationCan set 4 period of acceleration time
  • Avago photoelectric coupler
    • Adopted USA avago company photoelectric coupler that was not in the power of optical coupling isolation with high stablity, high reliability
  • Textile frequency control
    • Specially designed for the textile industry spindles molding process the application of specially designed function
    • The main measure is to output frequency of frequency converter according to the similar triangle wave shape type a timely change. In order to adapt to a variety of different process conditions, such as coarse yarn fine, paper jane shapes, such as the slot Jane trajectory is different, the user can increase some special parameters in the software.
  • Instant restart when power supply drop
    • Inverter startup automatic tracking motor speed, less than 15ms continuous running, greater than 15 ms: automatic detection motor speed, instantaneous power restart, reduce the impulse current
  • Board level EMC design
    • The board level EMC design, on the driver board and control board module circuit, digital circuit, analog and digital mixed circuit (high frequency, low frequency), Using physical isolation and optical coupling isolation room safety requirements,  separate the supply of electricity source, and the digital circuit and power supply, so as achieve goog EMC standard
  • PID Control
    • Features : fast speed, short response time
    • Effect : to ensure product quality improve production efficiency meet the technical requirements
  • Wave current limiting
    • New security protection algorithm improve the ability of anti-jamming reduced risk of over current
  • Humanized design keyboard a key shuttle Double row shows
    • Easy operate, Reasonable layout, OLED display, Multi-languages shows

Application Industry

  • Metallurgy
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Textile
  • Electric power
  • Building material
  • Coal
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Papermaking
  • Plastic
  • Printing and Dyeing
  • Lifting
  • Cables
  • Washing
  • Water supply
  • HVAC
  • Sewage treatment
  • And other industries

From a complete set of machinery, wire drawing machine, mixer, cutting machine, winding machine, compressor, blower pump, grinding machine, conveyor belt, Hoist, centrifuges, and various speed machinery


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