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PI8100 Powtran Frequency Inverter



Kitoma Indonesia : PI8100 Powtran Frequency Inverter

Power range : 0.75 kW ~ 7.5 kW
Maximum frequency : 800 Hz

Voltage level :

  • 1-phase 220V
  • 3-phase 220V
  • 3-phase 380V/480V/690V

PI8000/PI8100 series frequency inverter is a new high-performance frequency inverter ,which is based on motor running and the new theories and technological achievements of control, with servo functions to finish the perfect control of the motor , to provide you with comprehensive solutions in high-end control fields.

Technical Fitures

PI8000/PI8100 series frequency inverter is a high-quality, multi-function vector control frequency inverter. By decoupling control of motor magnetic flux current and torque current to achieve rapid –response and accurate torque control, high-precision of speed operation and torque control in a wide range. The new hardware platform, scientific production technology and complete testing equipment to ensure the product is more stable and reliable applications.

Performance profile

  • Central control module based on DSP(32 bits digital signal processor), realizes high-speed and high-performance control
  • Control Mode: Senseless Vector Control, Sensor Close Loop Vector Control, V/F Control
  • Automatic recognize the parameter of the motor, intelligent tuning to the best control mode
  • Dead zone compensate function and automatic slip compensate, 180% torque output can be achieved below 0.25Hz frequency
  • Eight-way digital inputs, three-way analog inputs, two-way analog output, the custom range signal with 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 20mA
  • Can get the feed back signal 0 -10V , 1-5V,  0-20mA,  4-20mA
  • Simple PLC function, at most 15 segments speed control and 8 segments acceleration control can be realized
  • “One key to shuttle”keyboard , swirling free ,two-way custom buttons with the demand for expansion.
  • Multi-language, humanization display menu, highlight OLED +LED, simultaneous display 3 groups of state parameters
  • Keyboard is hot-pluggable and can restore or copy 4 groups of running parameter programs
  • Powerful communication function which can support standard RR485 and modus ,Meanwhile provide remote keyboard control
  • Speed track to start the power up and down again to resume function
  • Efficient fault diagnosis and recording functions for troubleshooting
  • Unique EMC design minimizes pollution to the power
  • All strengthen the coating can work in various bad environment
  • Simple and stylish design of industrialization

Application field

  • Metallurgy
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Textile
  • Electric power
  • Building materials
  • Coal
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Lifting
  • Cable
  • Washing
  • Water
  • Heating
  • Sewage treatment.

Industry mechanical sets :

  • Drawing machine
  • Mixer
  • Extruder
  • Cutting machine
  • Winding machine
  • Compressor
  • Fan pumps
  • Grinding machines
  • Conveyor
  • Hoist
  • Centrifuges and
  • various speed machinery


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