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PI7800 Low Voltage High Power



Kitoma Indonesia : PI7800 Low Voltage High Power

PI7800 Frequency Inverter Low Voltage High power

Power range : 400 kW ~ 630 kW
Output frequency : 400 Hz
Voltage range : 220V/380V/460V/575V/660V

PI7800 Features

  • Using DSP(Digital Signal Processor) as core control unit, achieve optimal SPWM control technology
  • Integrates three control modes of V/F control, V/F+PG control, vector control+PG control
  • Three methods of space voltage vector waveform generating
  • Dead zone compensation function, achieve high torque at low speed
  • Automatic slip compensation function
  • 10 ways for frequency setting, analog terminals can receive customized signals from 0~10V, 4~20mA
  • Achieve up to seven sections of speed control and eight sections of acceleration control
  • Six programmable output control terminals
  • Built-in PID function enables high performance close-loop control
  • Support 0~10V、1~5V、0~20mA、4~20Ma feedback signals
  • DC current braking regulated by PID
  • Function of Speed Tracking Restart and Power Recovery Operation
  • Powerful communication capabilities, support standard RS485 and Canbus, meanwhile offer remote keyboard control function
  • Humanized menu, highlighted LED simultaneous display parameters of three groups
  • Unique designed IGBT temperature monitoring function, fan adjustable, immediately reduce motor noise and temperature
  • Efficient fault inquiry and recording, easy troubleshooting
  • Function of parameter protection
  • Unique design, minimize the pollution of drives to power source
  • Built-in DC reactor



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