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LED Indicating Lamps for Panel Mounting Series 8013



Kitoma Indonesia : LED Indicating Lamps for Panel Mounting Series 8013

8013/3 LED Pilot Lights

For panel mounting with integrated LED

  • High luminance
  • Low heat built-up
  • Prolonged service life

Colours : red, yellow, green, blue, white
Connection by means of spring clamp terminals or plug-in connection with connection line

  • with terminal compartment
  • without terminal compartment



8013/3 Series of Pilot Light are available for standard and I.S application. The Pilot Light for standard application 8013/31 al are capable to work on voltages between 12V up to 254V AC/DC

The type 8013/32 al are for connection with intrinsically safe circuits only and operate safety within the values stated in the above table "Intrinsic Safety Ratings Entity Parameters".

The installation should be in accordance with ANSI/ISA RP 12.06.01
Recommended Barrier. 9002/13-252-121-041

All these pilot lights come with a clear, color-neutral bezel and can be colored with one snap-on lens. There are five lenses included in the package, colored red, amber, green, blue and white for the user to choose from.


Technical Data


Material - Enclosure Polyamide
Material - Bezel/Lens Polyamide
Mechanical/Electrical Life 10 Output Hours
Rated Voltage - Standard 12V to 254V AC or DC 0-60Hz
Rated Voltage - I.S 10.8V to 28v AC or DC
Rated Current 14 mA at 24V DC
Rated Power 0.6W
Colors red, amber, green, blue and whit
Wire Leads 2 Core, 18 AWG
Terminal Capacity 2 x 16 or 2 x 14 AWG per terminal
Enclosure Knock-out 30.5mm or 1.2" I.D



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