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Fanuc Spindle Module A06B-6104-H



Kitoma Indonesia : Fanuc Spindle Module A06B-6104-H

High voltage spindle amplifier module. Installed on machines worlwide these Fanuc Spindle drives providing high reliability, high performance and high accuracy to machine tool applications.

These fanuc high voltage spindle drives belong to the high voltage fanuc alpha drive family, The high Voltage Fanuc power supply supplies DC volts to the spindle drive and the high voltage Fanuc servo drive.

The Fanuc Spindle Drive's are equipped with a dual 7 segment display, This will provide a fault code when you have a error message displayed on the Fanuc CNC Control this is very useful to diagnose the fault with your unit.

Fanuc Spindle Module A06B-6104-H Series


A06B-6104-H115 Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module

A06B-6104-H115 SPM-15HV - POA
SPM-15HV Type 4 Interface Fanuc Spindle Amplifier

A06B-6104-H215 Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module

A06B-6104-H215 SPM-15HV - POA
SPM-15HV Type 1 Interface Fanuc Spindle Amplifier

A06B-6104-H226 Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module
A06B-6104-H226 SPM-26HV - POA
SPM-26HV Type 1 Interface Fanuc Spindle Amplifier

A06B-6104-H245 Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module
A06B-6104-H245 SPM-45HV - POA
SPM-45HV Type 1 Interface Fanuc Spindle Amplifier





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