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Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Spindle A06B-6151



Kitoma Indonesia : Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Spindle A06B-6151

Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Spindle module AiSP

These Fanuc type A Alpha Spindle drives are the high voltage models running off 400V. Typically found in the electrical cabinet alongside the Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Servo Drives and Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Power Supply Modules.

The 7 Segment display on the front of the Spindle Drive will display a alarm when faulty, This information if supplied to us along with a error message on your Fanuc CNC can help diagnose a fault on your system and help us to help you get your machine up and running as quickly as possible and decrease any downtime you may have.

Fanuc Alpha High Voltage Spindle A06B-6151 Series


A06B-6151-H015 Spindle Amplifier Module Fanuc High Voltage iSP 15
A06B-6151-H015 POA

Fanuc Spindle Amplifier iSP-15HV

Base PCB: A16B-2203-0828
Control Card: A20B-2101-0350
Link PCB: A20B-1007-0910

A06B-6151-H030 Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module AiSP 30 HV
A06B-6151-H030 POA

Fanuc Spindle Amplifier  AiSP-30HV

Control Card : A20B-2101-0350
Base Card : A16B-2203-0877

Rated Input : 565-679 VDC, 35kW
Maximum Ouput Voltage : 480 VAC
Rated Output Current : 70A





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