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FX5UC CPU Unit Melsec iQ-F Mitsubishi



Kitoma Indonesia : FX5UC CPU Unit Melsec iQ-F Mitsubishi



FX5UC CPU Module (32 point)




  • Control scale: 16-256 points (CC-Link, AnyWire of remote I / O configuration during 512 points)
  • Basic unit: 32 points
  • Built-in high-speed counter: maximum 6ch 200kHz + 2ch 10kHz
  • Built-in positioning: up to 200kHz independent 4 axes
  • Built-in Ethernet port: 1ch
  • Built-in RS-485 port: 1ch



CPU performance

MELSEC iQ-F sequence execution engine that is the heart of the execution of the structured program or multiple programs, ST language, equipped with an execution engine capable of corresponding new development, such as the FB.

Control scale up to 512 points

Remote I / O (CC-Link, AnyWireASLINK and Bitty series) is used, you can control a maximum of 512 points.

Built-in positioning (200kHz, 4 axis built-in)

By the pulse output of the 4-axis I it is equipped with a positioning function.
Also, set in the table method, it interrupts and variable speed operation, is also available application instructions corresponding to the simple interpolation function.

Simple motion unit (4-axis control unit) can be connected

By connecting the FX5-40SSC-S, it is possible positioning of 4-axis corresponding to SSCNET III / H.
Linear interpolation in the program by the table method, 2-axis circular interpolation, and the combination of the continuous path control, you can draw easily smooth trajectory.

Built-in Ethernet port

Ethernet communication port corresponds to the communication of up to 8 connection on the network, it can be connected with many of the personal computers and equipment. It can also correspond to such seamless SLMP communication with the remote maintenance and the host device.

Built-in RS-485 port (MODBUS (R) with function)

RS-485 and a built-in communication port, communication is the longest 50m of the Mitsubishi general-purpose inverter, is available up to a maximum of 16 units (six applications can be controlled by the instruction).
Also it is compatible with MODBUS function, sequencer and sensors, it can be connected to up to peripherals and up to 32, such as temperature controller (including the master).

Built-in SD card slot

It has built a convenient SD card slot for mass production of program updates and equipment.
In addition to the SD card can be logging data (corresponding to the future), to help in the analysis of such status and production status of the device.

High-speed system bus communication

Maximum MELSEC iQ-F as well as high-speed CPU, to achieve high-speed system bus communication of 1.5k word / ms (about 150 times in the FX3U ratio), when using the intelligent function unit of the large amount of data, the ability to It will be exhibited in.

RUN / STOP / RESET switch

It was equipped with a RESET function to the RUN / STOP switch.
It is efficient because it can restart without reducing debugging time also the main power supply.


MELSEC iQ-F is unauthorized access by data theft from third parties, to prevent in such a security function illegal execution (file password, remote password, security key).

Maintenance-free in less battery

The program can be held without a battery, clock data (depending on usage) will be held for 10 days by the large-capacity capacitor.
※: Clock and data in use option battery, you can power outage holding device memory (latch) it is.


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