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Mitsubishi LD77MH and QD77MS Simple Motion Modules



Kitoma Indonesia - Menyediakan Mitsubishi LD77MH and QD77MS Simple Motion Modules


The LD77MH and QD77MS simple motion modules offer the flexibility to include or add motion to the L series PLC. A variety of controls including positioning control, speed control, torque control, cam control and synchronous control can be achieved with simple parameter settings and a sequence program. The LD77MH and QD77MS modules are capable of 2 axes and 16 axes of control and add the functionality and convenience of using the MR-J3-B Safety amplifiers with Mitsubishi’s 50Mbps high-speed optical communication Servo System Control Network (SSCNETIII).


System Configuration



LD77MH Performance Specifications

Model Number



Stocked Status



Number of Control Axes



Operation Cycle (ms)



Control System

PTP (Point To Point) control, path control (both linear and arc can be set), speed control, speed-position switching control, position-speed switching control, Speed-torque control

Control Unit

mm, inch, degree, PLS

Positioning Data

600 data/axis. (Can be set with GX Works2 or sequence program.)


Parameters, positioning data, and block start data can be saved on flash ROM (battery-less backup)

Positioning System

PTP control: Incremental system/absolute system

Speed-position switching control: Incremental system/absolute system (*1)

Position-speed switching control: Incremental system

Path control: Incremental system/absolute system

Applicable Connector for External Input Signal



MR-J3BUS_M [m (ft)] (*2)

LD77MH MR-J3(W)-_B/MR-J3(W)-_B MR-J3(W)-_B; Standard cord for inside panel; 0.15 (0.49), 0.3 (0.98), 0.5 (1.64), 1 (3.28), 3 (9.84)

MR-J3BUS_M-A [m (ft)] (*2)

LD77MH MR-J3(W)-_B/MR-J3(W)-_ MR-J3(W)-_B; Standard cable for outside panel; 5 (16.40), 10 (32.81), 20 (65.62)

MR-J3BUS_M-B [m (ft)] (*2,*3)

LD77MH MR-J3(W)-_B/MR-J3(W)-_B MR-J3(W)-_B; Long distance cable; 30 (98.43 ), 40 (131.23), 50 (164.04)

5VDC Internal Current Consumption (A)



Flash ROM Write Count

Max. 100000 times

Number of Occupied I/O Points (points)

32 (I/O assignment: Intelligent function module 32 points)

Number of Applicable Modules

Up to 5 modules

Outline Dimensions W x H x D mm (in)

45.0 x 90.0 x 95.0 (1.77 x 3.54 x 3.74)

Weight (kg)


External Command Signal

Switching Signal

DI signal (External start or speed-position switching can be selected by parameter.)


  1. In speed-position switching control (ABS mode), the control unit available is “degree” only.
  2. _ = Cable length: (015: 0.15m (0.49ft.), 03: 0.3m (0.98ft.), 05: 0.5m (1.64ft.), 1: 1m (3.28ft.), 3: 3m (9.84ft.), 5: 5m (16.40ft.), 10: 10m (32.81ft.), 20: 20m (65.62ft.), 30: 30m (98.43ft.), 40: 40m (131.23ft.), 50: 50m (164.04ft.) )
  3. For the cable of less than 30(m)(98.43(ft.)), contact your nearest Mitsubishi sales representative.


Simple Motion Module QD77MS Performance Specifications


Model Number



QD77MS2 (*3)

Stocked Item




No. of Control Axes

16 axes

4 axes

2 axes

Operation Cycle

0.88 ms / 1.77 ms (*1)

0.88 ms

0.88 ms

Interpolation Function

Linear interpolation (Up to 4 axes), Circular interpolation (2 axes)

Control System

PTP (Point To Point) control, Path control (both linear and arc can be set), Speed control, Torque control, Speed-position switching control, Position-speed switching control

Acceleration/Deceleration Process

Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-pattern acceleration/deceleration

Compensation Function

Backlash compensation, Electronic gear, Near pass function

Synchronous Control

External encoder, Cam, Phase Compensation, Cam auto-generation function

Control Unit

mm, inch, degree, PLS

Positioning Data

600 data (positioning data No. 1 to 600)/axis (Can be set with MELSOFT GX Works2 or PLC program.)


Parameters, positioning data, and block start data can be saved on flash ROM (battery-less backup)

OPR Control

Machine OPR Control

Near-point dog method, Count method 1, Count method 2, Data set method, Scale origin signal detection method

Fast OPR Control


Sub Functions

OPR retry, OP shift


Linear Control

1-axis linear control, 2-axis linear interpolation control, 3-axis linear interpolation control, 4-axis linear interpolation control (*4) (Composite speed, Reference axis speed)

Fixed-Feed Control

1-axis fixed-feed control, 2-axis fixed-feed control, 3-axis fixed-feed control, 4-axis fixed-feed control

2-Axis Circular Interpolation Control

Sub point designation, center point designation

Speed Control

1-axis speed control, 2-axis speed control, 3-axis speed control, 4-axis speed control

Speed-Position Switching Control

INC mode, ABS mode

Position-Speed Switching Control

INC mode

Current Value Changing

Changing to a new current value using the positioning data , Changing to a new current value using the start No.

NOP Instruction


JUMP Instruction

Unconditional JUMP, Conditional JUMP



High-Level Positioning Control

Block start, Condition start, Wait start, Simultaneous start, Repeated start

Manual Control

JOG Operation


Inching Operation


Manual Pulse Generator Operation

Possible to connect 1 module (Incremental) Unit magnification (1 to 10000 times)

Expansion Control

Speed-Torque Control

Speed control without positioning loops, Torque control without positioning loops, Tightening & Press-fit control

Absolute Position System

Made compatible by setting battery to servo amplifier

Synchronous Encoder Interface

Up to 4 channel (internal interface, servo amplifier, via the PLC CPU interface)

Internal Interface

1 channel (Incremental)

Functions That Limit Control

Speed Limit Function

Speed limit value, JOG speed limit value

Torque Limit Function

Torque limit value_same setting, torque limit value_individual setting

Forced Stop Function

Valid/Invalid setting

Software Stroke Limit Function

Movable range check with current feed value, movable range check with machine feed value

Hardware Stroke Limit Function


Functions That Change Control Details

Speed Change Function


Override Function


Acceleration/Deceleration Time Change Function


Torque Change Function


Target Position Change Function

Target position address and target position speed are changeable

Other Functions

M Code Output Function


Step Function

Deceleration unit step, Data No. unit step

Skip Function

Via sequence CPU, Via external command signal

Teaching function


Mark Detection Function

Continuous Detection mode, Specified Number of Detections mode, Ring Buffer mode

Mark Detection Signal

4 points

2 points

Mark Detection Setting



Optional Data Monitor Function

4 points/axis

Amplifier-less Operation Function


Digital Oscilloscope Function

Bit data:16 channels,
Word data: 16 channels

Bit data: 8 channels, Word data: 4 channels

No. of Occupied I/O Points (Points)

32 (I/O assignment: Intelligent function module 32 points)

Dimensions W x H x D mm (in)

27.4 x 98 x 90 (1.08 x 3.86 x 3.5)

Weight kg




  1. Default value is 1.77 ms. If necessary, check the operation time and change to 0.88 ms.
  2. 8CH word data and 8CH bit data can be displayed in real time.
  3. The maximum number of control axes for QD77MS2 is two axes. Use QD77MS4 or QD77MS16 to control three or more axes.
  4. 4-axis linear interpolation control is effective only for the reference axis speed.




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