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Kitoma Indonesia - PLC LS XGR CPU (XGT Series)


Redundancy system for high-speed process control based on IEC

Processing speed: 42ns/step I/O Points: Max. 131,072 Total memory: 32MB (Program 7MB, Data 2MB, Reserved 7MB, Flash 16MB) Switching over time: 50ms Built-in 256 PID loops control.

Base, Power, CPU, Network redundancy
Dual port and 3 kinds of media (Twisted-Twisted, Optic-Optic, Twisted-Optic)



High performance

  • Processing speed: 42ns/step
  • CPU synchronization via fiber optic cable
  • I/O Points: Max. 131,072
  • Total memory: 25MB (Program 3MB, System 4MB, Data 2MB, Flash 16MB)
  • Switching over time: 22ms

Easy expansion installation using network

  • Max.31 expansion base
  • Distance: Fiber optic 2km (Max. expansion 60km), Twisted fair 100m (Max. expansion 3km)
  • Program upload and download via expansion base
  • No limit to install the communication master on the expansion base

Enhanced maintenance via system history and network ring configuration

  • Convenient system analyze using Operation history, Error history, System History
  • Ring configuration to prevent a line disconnection error
  • Network monitoring, Protocol monitoring function
  • Error channel monitoring via flag
  • Graphic display for the system configuration
  • Safe module exchange via Wizard

IEC 61131-3 Standard language

  • LD, ST, SFC, IL (read only)
  • Program configuration and data type based on IEC

Variety of communication function

  • Easy interface using Open network
  • (Ethernet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, RS-232C, RS-422/485, etc)
  • Max.24 communication module installation on the expansion base (High speed link 12, P2P 8)
  • Network diagnosis via network and frame monitoring
  • PLC link via dedicated communication base on Ethernet (RAPIEnet)

Variety of input and output module

  • 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 points (8 / 16 points Relay output)
  • Input / Output / Mixed module

Enhanced analog function

  • Enable to install the analog module on the expansion base (Max. 250, Analog input 139)
  • Insulated type and Temperature module
  • Easy to set the parameter via I/O parameter and flag
  • Debugging function via special module monitoring

Integrated programming & engineering environment

  • XG5000 : Easy to program, various monitoring functions and enhanced editing function
  • XG-PD : Convenient setup for communication and network parameter
  • XG-PM software package: Software package for positioning module






Item Description Remark
Media Fiber optic Twisted pair  
Operation Method Cyclic execution, Periodic operation,
Interrupt operation, Flxed scan
I/O control method Scan synchronized batch
processing method (Refresh method)
Program language LD(Ladder Diagram),
ST(Structured Text),
SFC(Sequential Function Chart),
IL(Read only)
Operator 18  
Standard function 130 + Real type function  
Standard function block 41  
Special function/
function block
Special function block, Process
control function block
Processing speed LD 0.042 ㎲/Step  
MOV 0.126 ㎲/Step  
Real type ± : 0.602㎲(S), 1.078㎲(D)
X : 1.106㎲(S), 2.394㎲(D)
÷ : 1.134㎲(S), 2.66㎲(D)
S: Real type
D: Long real type
I/O Points 23,808 points
(31 stage *12 slot *64 points)
I/O memory I: 131,072 points, Q: 131,072 points
(Total: 1131,072)
DRAM Program memory 3MB Including Upload,
Sytem area
*Battery back-up memory: 16MB
Data memory 2MB
System memory 4MB
Flash memory 16MB  
Direct variable 256k Byte  
Auto allocated
512k Byte  
Timer No limitation, Range: 0.001sec ~ 4,259,967.295sec (1,193hours)  
Counter No limitation, Range: -32,768 ~ +32,767  
Flag System 4k Byte  
64k Byte L, N area
Special 2k Byte (32base, 16slot, 32channel) U area: Analog
device area
File register 64k Byte *2) R area: read/write (Command, XG5000)
Program Number of
program blocks
Initial task 1 (_INT)  
Internal device task    



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