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Inverter Fuji Electric Frenic-HVAC Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Fuji Electric Frenic-HVAC Series

Low voltage AC drives for HVAC applications

  • High performance enable by the comprehensive use of Fuji Technology
  • Easy maintenance for the end-user
  • Maintains safety and protects the environment
  • Opens up possibilities for the new generation


Wide variation in model capacity

3-phase 400V series

FRN0.75AR1-4A : 0.75kW
FRN1.5AR1-4A : 1.5kW
FRN2.2AR1-4A : 2.2kW
FRN3.7AR1-4A : 3.7kW
FRN5.5AR1-4A : 5.5kW
FRN7.5AR1-4A : 7.5kW
FRN11AR1-4A : 11kW
FRN15AR1-4A : 15kW
FRN18.5AR1-4A : 18.5kW
FRN22AR1-4A : 22kW
FRN30AR1-4A : 30kW
FRN37AR1-4A : 37kW
FRN45AR1-4A : 45kW
FRN55AR1-4A : 55kW

FRN75AR1-4A : 75kW
FRN90AR1-4A : 90kW
FRN110AR1-4A : 110kW
FRN132AR1-4A : 132kW
FRN160AR1-4A : 160kW
FRN200AR1-4A : 200kW
FRN220AR1-4A : 220kW
FRN280AR1-4A : 280kW
FRN315AR1-4A : 315kW
FRN355AR1-4A : 355kW
FRN400AR1-4A : 400kW
FRN500AR1-4A : 500kW
FRN630AR1-4A : 630kW
FRN710AR1-4A : 710kW

Model can be selected from two model types.

  • Standard type (EMC filter built-in type)
    0.75 to 710kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected with the model between 0.75 and 90kW.)
  • DCR built-in + EMC filter built-in type
    0.75 to 90kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected with the model between 0.75 and 90kW.)


Inverter capacity EMC filter DC reactor Protective structure
0.75kW to 90kW Built-in Built-in IP21/IP55
110kW to 710kW Built-in External IP00

* The models with inverter capacity 45kW to 710kW are coming soon.


Optimal control with energy-saving function

  • Linearization function
  • Temperature difference constant control and pressure difference constant control
  • Energy saving functions including wet-bulb temperature presumption control
  • Automatic energy-saving operation


Slim body

The first slim body design among the Fuji Electric inverters. The size is the same between IP21 and IP55 (the first in the industry).

Functions suitable for HVAC use

  • 4PID control
  • Fire mode (forced operation)
  • Pick-up operation function
  • Real time clock
  • Torque vector control
  • Filter clogging prevention function
  • Customized logic
  • User friendly, useful keypad
  • Password function


Stand alone

  • The inverter can be installed independently; no control panel is required.

User friendly, easy to see keypad

The regulator is indicated by enlarging the LCD.


*Possible to show understandable indications through the unit conversion function.
*Multi-language function: 19 languages + user customized language supported


Standard Specifications

3-phase, 400V series (0.75 to 55kW)



3-phase, 400V series (75 to 710kW)




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