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FRENIC Lift Series Inverter Fuji Electric



Kitoma Indonesia - FRENIC Lift Series Inverter Fuji Electric


Elevator Inverter Frenic Lift Fuji Electric

FRENIC-Lift Models

Single-phase 200V

  • FRN2.2LM1S-7A : 2.2kW

Three-phase 200V Series

  • FRN5.5LM1S-2A : 5.5kW
  • FRN7.5LM1S-2A : 7.5kW
  • FRN11LM1S-2A : 11kW
  • FRN15LM1S-2A : 15kW
  • FRN18.5LM1S-2A : 18.5kW
  • FRN22LM1S-2A : 22kW

Three-phase 400V Series

  • FRN4.0LM1S-4A : 3.7kW
  • FRN5.5LM1S-4A : 5.5kW
  • FRN7.5LM1S-4A : 7.5kW
  • FRN11LM1S-4A : 11kW
  • FRN15LM1S-4A : 15kW
  • FRN18.5LM1S-4A : 18.5kW
  • FRN22LM1S-4A : 22kW
  • FRN30LM1S-4A : 30kW
  • FRN37LM1S-4A : 37kW
  • FRN45LM1S-4A : 45kW


Fuji Electric FRENIC Lift Series of exclusive AC Drives for operation of elevators are specially designed to have a number of improved features over previous elevator AC Drives, such as vastly lower torque ripple.
We have incorporated the functions that customers find most necessary in elevator controls to provide an AC Drive that delivers performance that fits your elevator system.

Optimum Exclusive Design for Passenger Elevators

  • A Braking circuit is built in the AC Drives of all the capacities
  • Built-in PG feedback circuit is standard equipment
  • An Optional keypad is available

Higher Performance

  • Overload Capacity 200% for 10s
  • Current response 5 times greater than previous models (compared with the)
  • Reduction of torque ripple realizes low vibration
  • Reduced roll-back during starting up.

High Performance vector control

  • Current response (ACR) : 500Hz
  • Speed control accuracy : ±0.01%

High overload capacity

200% of rated current for 10s
(Overload begins from 80% continuous operation with a carrier frequency of 10kHz)

IM/PMSM common drive

A single AC Drive can control an induction motor (open/closed loop control) and a synchronous motor (the optional PG interface card is required).

Model Variations

FRENIC-lift AC Drives are available in a series with capacities ranging from

  • 4.0 to 45kW for three-phase 400V model.
  • 5.5 to 22kW for  three-phase 200V model
  • 2.2kW for single-phase 200V model


Applicable to the feedbacks from various pulse generators

  • Applicable to the inputs by open collector/complementary output as a standard specification (Encoder power supply is switchable between +12V and +15V
  • Applicable to the inputs from the 5V line driver as an option
  • Applicable to Sin/Cos, Serial interface (EnDat2.1) and Paralell interface (4-bit gray code, UVM 3-bit code)

Maintenance functions/Long life design

  • DC bus capacitor life: 7 years
  • Electrolytic capacitor life on the printed circuit boards : 7 years
  • Cooling fan life : 5 years
  • Life warning signal
  • Recording and Display of cumulative operating time
  • Recording and Display of cumulative operations


  • EC Directives (CE Marking) (EN61800-3)
  • Safety standards (EN954-1)
  • Sink/source switchable
  • RS-485 communications (Modbus RTU) is adopted as standard equipment
  • CAN Bus is adopted as (optional)
  • DCP3 communication (-EA version)
  • EN 12015 and EN12016 compliance by adding external EMC filter and DCR

Peripheral support tools (options)

  • AC Drive support loader software is provided
  • A multi-function keypad (with backlit LCD) makes it possible to copy or edit the function code data


Standard Specifications


FRENIC-Lift Three-phase 200V


FRENIC-Lift Single-phase 200V



FRENIC-Lift Three-phase 400V




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