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Inverter Hitachi X200 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Hitachi X200 Series


Simple, Trip-less and Environment-friendly Compact Inverter

Hitachi Industrial X200 Series AC Variable Speed Drives (Industrial Inverters)


3-phase 200V 0.2kW-7.5kW
1-/3-phase 200V 0.2kW-2.2kW
3-phase 400V 0.4kW-7.5kW

Hitachi industrial X200 Series AC Variable Speed Drives and inverters are simple, compact, trip-less and environmentally friendly inverters. The X200 Series inverters can handle complex applications with ease. They come with improved Trip Avoidance Function that incorporates over current and over voltage suppression function and reduces inverter tripping. The X200 Series inverter decelerates and stops the motor using regenerative energy from the motor even though the power is not supplied.



  • Integrated EMC Filter
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Environment-friendly Inverter
  • Improved Trip Avoidance Function
  • Automatic Energy-saving Function
  • Network Compatibility
  • Hitachi industrial X200 AC Variable Speed Drives and inverters are manufactured to comply with RoHS standards
  • Sleep Mode functionality available on all X200 models
  • An optional regenerative converter is available to return power to the AC line rather than wasting it as heat in dynamic braking resistors
  • Contactor-style package (power in at top/motor out at bottom)
  • Emergency stop function
  • Improved trip avoidance
  • Advanced logic and calculate functions
  • Suitable for side-by-side mounting
  • Patented micro-surge voltage suppression
  • Non-stop operation after instantaneous power failure
  • Built in RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Ratings
    • ¼ to 3 hp, 230 V, single or 3-phase;
    • 5 to 10 hp, 230 V, 3-phase;
    • ½ to 10 hp, 460 V, 3-phase


Product Range


Applicable motor rating in
kW (HP)
1-phase 200V SFEF2          
1-/3-phase 200V NFU2              
3-phase 200V LFU2                  
3-phase 400V HFEF2        


General Specifications


Control Control method Line-to-line sine wave pulse-width modulation (PWM) control
Output frequency range *5 0.5 to 400Hz
Frequency accuracy *6 Digital command :±0.01%, Analog command±0.4% (25 ±10°C)
Frequency setting resolution Digital: 0.1Hz, Analog: (max frequency)/1000
Voltage/Frequency Characteristic V/f control, V/f variable (constant torque, reduced torque)
Acceleration/deceleration time 0.01 to 3000 sec. (linear, sigmoid), two-stage accel./decel.
Starting torque *7 100%/6Hz
Carrier frequency range 2.0 to 12kHz
Protective functions Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, overheat, ground fault at power-on, input over-voltage, external trip, EEPROM error, CPU error, USP error, Termister error, Driver error, Emergency stop.
Input terminal Specification 10kohm input impedance, sink/source logic selectable
Functions FW(Forward), RV(Reverse), CF1-CF4(Multispeed command), JG(Jogging), DB(External DC braking), SET(Second motor constants setting), 2CH(Second accel./decel.), FRS(Free-run stop), EXT(External trip), USP(Unattended start protection), SFT(Software lock), T(Analog input selection), RS(Reset), PTC(Thermistor input) *8, STA(3-wire start), STP(3-wire stop), F/R(3-wire fwd./rev.), PID(PID On/Off), PIDC(PID reset), UP/DWN(Remote-controlled accel./decel.) , UDC(Remote-controlled data clearing), OPE(Operator control), ADD(ADD frequency enable), FTM(force terminal mode), RDY(quick start enable), S-ST(Special-Set 2nd Motor Data), EMR(Emergency stop), NO(Not selected)
Output signal Intelligent output terminal Specification 27V DC 50mA max open collector output, 1 terminals
1c output 250V AC/30V DC 2.5A relay (AL0, AL1, AL2 terminals)
Function RUN(run signal), FA1(Frequency arrival type 1 - constant speed), FA2(Frequency arrival type 2 - over-frequency), OL(overload advance
notice signal), OD(Output deviation for PID control), AL(alarm signal), DC(Wire brake detect on analog input), FBV(PID Second Stage
Output), NDC(ModBus Network Detection Signal), LOG(Logic Output Function), ODC(Option Card Detection Signal), LOC(Low load)
Analog output terminal Specification 0 to 10V DC
Function Analog Frequency monitor, analog current monitor
Operator Display Specification 4-digits 7 segment LEDs
Function Parameter setting, output frequency, output current, scaled value of output frequency, trip history, I/O terminal condition, output
voltage. Rotation direction, PID Feedback, RON time, Power-on time.
Status LED Interface Power, Alarm, Run, Prg, Hz and A
Potentiometer, RUN, STOP/RESET, UP, DOWN, FUN and STR keys
Operation Frequency setting Operator keypad Up and Down keys / Value settings or analog setting via potentiometer on operator keypad
External signal 0 to 10 V DC, 4 to 20 mA
Serial port RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
FW/RV Run Operator Keypad Run key / Stop key (change FW/RV by function command)
External signal FW Run/Stop (NO contact), RV set by terminal assignment (NC/NO), 3-wire input available
Serial port RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
Environment Operating temperature −10 to 50°C(carrier derating required for aambient temperature higher than 40°C), no freezing
Storage temperature -20 to 65°C
Humidity 20 to 90% RH
Vibration 5.9mm/s2 (0.6G) 10 to 55Hz
Location Altitude 1,000 m or less, indoors (no corrosive gasses or dust)
Other functions AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), V/f characteristic selection, accel./decel. curve selection, frequency upper/lower limit, 16 stage multispeed, PID control, frequency jump, external frequency input bias start/end, jogging, cooling fan On/Off, trip history etc.
Coating color Blue
Options Remote operator with copy function (SRW-0EX), input/output reactors, DC reactors, radio noise filters, braking resistors, braking units, LCR
filter, communication cables (ICS-1, 3)

*1 The applicable motor refers to Hitachi standard 3-phase motor (4-pole). When using other motors, care must be taken to prevent the rated motor current (50/60 Hz) from exceeding the rated output current of the inverter.
*2 The output voltage decreases as the main supply voltage decreases (except when using the AVR function).
In any case, the output voltage cannot exceed the input power supply voltage.
*3 The braking torque via capacitive feedback is the average deceleration torque at the shortest deceleration (stopping from 50/60 Hz as indicated). It is not continuous regenerative braking torque. The average decel torque varies with motor loss. This value decreases when operating beyond 50 Hz. If a large regenerative torque is required, the optional regenerative braking resistor should be used.
*4 The protection method conforms to JIS C 0920(IEC60529).
*5 To operate the motor beyond 50/60 Hz, consult the motor manufacturer for the maximum allowable rotation speed.
*6 The output frequency may exceed the maximum frequency setting (A004 or A204) for automatic stabilization control.
*7 At the rated voltage when using a Hitachi standard 3-phase, 4pole motor.
*8 Only terminal 5 is assignable the PTC (thermistor) function.



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