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Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G120P



Kitoma Indonesia - Menyediakan Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G120P


Modular Frequency Inverter for Pumps, Fans, and Compressors


Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G120P – Description

The SINAMICS G120P is Ideal for building automation, water and process industries. It has been specially designed for the industrial environment as well as for applications in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. The SINAMICS G120P is a cost-effective, efficient, and easy-to-operate frequency inverter for pumps, fans, and compressors with a wide range of functions. SINAMICS G120P is build up as a modular inverter system consisting of Control Unit, Power Modul, and Operator Panel (IOP = Intelligent Operater Panel, or BOP-2 = Basic Operator Panel) or blanking plate. The Control Unit supports communications to a local control as well as to monitoring devices and equipment. Depending on the degree of protection the power module supplies motors in a power range from 0.37 kW up to 90 kW (0.5 hp up to 125 hp)

SINAMICS G120P – a brief Summary of its Strengths

  • SINAMICS G120P offers high user-friendliness:
  • Integrated application-specific wizard and macros for easy start-up and commissioning
  • Easy-to-use facilities for diagnostics and maintenance.


  • SINAMICS G120P offers functions to exploit energy efficiency in the entire process chain:
  • Low apparent power consumption thanks to efficient inverter topology.
  • Inverter efficiency >97%
  • Software functions such as eco mode, hibernation, bypass mode for optimum adjustment to the operating point


  • Efficient and consistent solutions
  • via Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), consistency from SINAMICS through to the automation level


Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G120P – Technical Data

Voltage and power ranges
- 3-ph. 380 V – 480 V AC ± 10%
- IP20: 0.37 kW to 75 kW (0.5 hp to 100 hp)
- IP55: 0.37 kW to 90 kW (0.5 hp to 125 hp)

Types of control
- Vector control, FCC (Flux Current Control), multipoint characteristic (parameterizable V/f characteristic), V/f characteristic

Degree of protection
- IP20/UL Open Type
- IP55/UL Type 12


Inverter Siemens SINAMICS G120P – Typical Uses

The new SINAMICS G120P frequency inverter is the perfect solution for applications, such as closed-loop speed control for ventilation fans, circulating pumps for heating and cooling systems, booster pumps, or pumps for level control.



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