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Inverter Omron V1000



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Omron V1000


10 x 100 = 1 - Quality has a new formula, 10 year life-time without maintenance.

  • Better performances: we can even say that previous inverters have suddenly become old!
  • Higher reliability: who other can guarantee an expected failure rate of less than 0.01%?
  • Time and space saving: you can mount multiple units  close together without overheating problems. Moreover, the V1000 is the world's smallest compact inverter.


Its new features, not only enable it to outperform previous inverters and make it even easier for users to install and set up, it is also compacter by far. But the big difference is that it takes quality and reliability to a new high level. For no matter where you want it to operate, it will deliver the same high performance for many years after you have fitted it and forgotten about it.


Features of the V1000 Inverter

  • Up to 15 kW
  • World’s smallest compact inverter
  • Built-in filter
  • 10-years service life
  • Control terminal board with memory (Patent pending)
  • Faster CPU’s
  • Current vector control
  • Low-noise technology (Patent pending)
  • IM & PM Motor control
  • On-line tuning (Patent pending)
  • Embedded safety stop function Category 3 (EN954-1)


Mechanical advances

The V1000 design has not only reduced volume by up to 40% compared with previous inverters, tests prove that it has increased vibration resistance from 20Hz to 50Hz (0.6G) and heat dissipation has also been greatly increased, thanks to a new, hybrid heat-sink system (patent pending). 


Proven reliability

To improve quality even further, a complete revision of production lines has taken place and human error has been reduced by installing the most advanced robotic technology available. The result is an expected failure rate of less than 0.01%.


Performance guaranteed

V1000 is able to increase the output current by around 20% when moving down in frequency carrier thanks to its double rating. The standard setting is heavy duty (HD: 150% rated current/1min) and increasing output current when in the normal duty mode (ND: 120% rated current/1 Min).


Cost-saving EMC filter

A built-in EMC filter will save you the task of having to take special precautions for EMC shielding during installation. The optional, factoryinstalled filter will not only save on installation costs, it also reduces the bill of materials for external parts and simplifies logistics.


Convenient on-line tuning

Unlike previous inverters, the V1000 has a smart ‘on-line tuning’ feature that takes ‘auto-tuning’ a stage further. This continuous method of tuning ensures that any temperature deviation large enough to affect electrical parameters governing the motor speed will be adjusted before any speed variance can occur. 


Time-saving safety feature

Safety is embedded in the V1000 from the inside out, making it easy for you to integrate the inverter into your machine system and avoid difficult connections to safety controllers. Dual safety inputs (acc. To EN954-1 Safety Category 3) will disconnect the motor faster at the first sign of trouble, while reducing external wiring and contactors.

More performance & Quality in less space

  • Current vector control
  • High starting torque (200% / 0.5 Hz)
  • 1:100 speed control range
  • Double rating ND 120%/1min and HD 150%/1 min
  • IM&PM motor control
  • Online Tuning
  • Low-noise Low carrier technology
  • 10 years lifetime design
  • Built-in filter
  • Screw-less terminals
  • Control Terminals with memory backup
  • 24 VDC control board power supply option
  • Fieldbus communications: Modbus, Profibus, CanOpen, DeviceNet, Lonworks, CompoNet, Ethernet
  • Safety embedded (EN954-1 safety cat. 3)
  • CE, UL, cUL and TUV



  • 200 V Class single-phase 0.1 to 4 kW
  • 200 V Class three-phase 0.1 to 15 kW
  • 400 V Class three-phase 0.2 to 15 kW






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