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Inverter Omron 3G3LX Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Omron 3G3LX Series for Lift Applications


Experience & Comfort for lifts

Born out of Omron’s know-how and experience within the lift market, the LX can control gearless or geared systems. Designed for more than 5 million starts at 150% output current, the LX offers the high quality standards that you have come to expect, including noiseless operation and efficient motor control. The built-in clock & calendar and programming functionality offers flexibility in your application control.



  • Power range from 3.7 to 37 kW
  • Full lift sequence
  • Patented high accuracy static tuning and rotary auto-tuning
  • IM and PM motor control
  • Static & rotary advanced auto tuning
  • Torque ripple suppression
  • Anti-rollback function
  • Quick floor operation
  • Rescue by UPS or battery
  • Dual encoder option (Incremental, EnDat and Hiperface)
  • Floor positioning auto-learning function of up to 40 floors
  • Lift language (Hz, m/s, rpm…)
  • Current vector control with or without PG
  • High starting torque (200%/ 0.3 Hz sensorless vector - 200%/ 0 Hz closed loop vector control)
  • Safety embedded: IEC 61508 SIL2 STO
  • Clock and calendar function
  • Silent motor & drive operation
  • One parameter dynamic tuning
  • Built-in logic programmability
  • Positioning functionality with 40 floor memory & auto learning
  • RS485 communication built-in –Modbus RTU–
  • Dedicated lift functionality (brake control, lift sequence...)
  • CE, cULus, RoHS



  • 3G3LX-A4037-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 13.7W, 400vac, 9A
  • 3G3LX-A4040-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 4KW, 400vac, 11A
  • 3G3LX-A4055-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 5.5KW, 400vac, 14A
  • 3G3LX-A4075-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 7.5KW, 400vac, 19A
  • 3G3LX-A4110-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 11KW, 400vac, 27A
  • 3G3LX-A4150-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 15KW, 400vac, 34A
  • 3G3LX-A4185-E LX Inverter drive series for Lifts, 18.5KW, 400vac, 41A


Standard LCD operator display

  • Designed for easy editing and access to parameters
  • Copy function: for parameter settings and programming backup
  • 4 configurable multi-monitor parameters with real units
  • Password protection
  • 10 languages available as standard: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Russian
  • Real time clock and calendar can save fault history with date and hour

Multi-encoder feedback

  • Single or double channel encoder option boards for incremental, EnDAT and Hiperface encoder types
  • Single and multiturn encoder


Motor flexibility and efficient control

  • Geared induction motor control
  • Gearless permanent magnet motor control
  • Easy tuning and fast startup. Patented high accuracy static tuning and rotary auto-tuning
  • 8 times faster control loop from previous solution, ensuring quick response against rollback


Silent and optimum operation

  • No electric noise in the motor
  • Fan is switched on/off depending on inverter temperature reducing audible noise
  • The highest energy efficiency with PM motors
  • Power supply can be cycled every 3 minutes for energy saving


Dedicated lift functionality

  • Full lift sequence
  • Sink and source control wiring to adapt to any lift controller
  • Weight sensor compensation
  • Special lift sequence errors
  • Anti-rollback function
  • Short floor lift travel: the Quick Floor Function reduces the time for short floor lengths






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