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Inverter Omron MX2 IP54 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Omron MX2 IP54 Series


Flexibility and robust design for standalone solutions

The MX2 IP54 inverter is designed in a robust housing for distributed installation. A built-in class 1 EMC filter, the easy wiring access and the front-mounted USB connector make installation and commissioning simple. The freedom for users to customize the hardware by adding accessories provides hardware flexibility whilst the built-in logic programming is ideal when designing decentralized projects. Finally, by using the standard MX2 series functionality and communication option boards, the MX2 IP54 is the perfect choice for your standalone inverter solutions.


MX2 IP54 features

  • Power range from 0.1 to 15 kW
  • Built-in Class 1 EMC filter
  • Ready to add hardware accessories
  • DIN rail mounting options: safety relay, motor contactor, external power supply etc
  • 200% starting torque
  • Torque control in open loop
  • Double rating VT120%/1 min and CT 150%/1 min
  • IM & PM motor control
  • Safety conforming to ISO13849-1 Category 3, PLd
  • Industrial communications networks: RS485 built-in, EtherCAT, DNet, PROFIBUS, CompoNet, ML-II and EtherNet/IP option boards
  • Built-in logic programming


Industrial communication networks

  • Modbus RS485 built-in
  • Option boards for EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CompoNet, ML-II and EtherNet/IP


Front-mounted USB connector

  • Easy access for set-up and commissioning
  • Mini-B type connector same as standard MX2 series


Wiring access holes

  • 6 access holes for application wiring. Ideal for power supply, motor power, I/O and communication cables.


Robust metal housing

  • Dust and splash water protection
  • 4 housing types covering full power range from 0.1 to 15 kW


Built-in RFI filter

  • Class 1 EMC filter
  • According with EN61800-3 requirements for use in domestic or industrial environments


Freedom for user customisation

  • Front panel holes prepared for accessories such as indicators, push-button, switches etc.
  • DIN rail mounting options: safety relay, motor contactor, external power supply etc.


Built-in logic programming

  • Drive Programming functionality for decentralized machine control
  • Flow chart and text editor programming languages
  • 5 tasks running in parallel
  • Up to 1000 lines per program


Positioning functionality

  • Simple positioning without the need of an external controller
  • Selection of up to 8 pre-set positions plus homing function
  • Switching between speed and position control modes


Motor efficiency control

  • Double rating VT 120%/ min and CT 150%/min
  • Energy saving function
  • IM and PM motor control


Quick response to load fluctuation

  • MX2 provides accurate speed control with less than 2% error at 1 Hz
  • Stable control without decreasing machine speed improves quality and productivity


200% starting torque

  • Near stand-still operation (0.5Hz)
  • Smooth control of high inertia loads
  • Control of fast cyclic loads




Communication option boards and accessories


Model Description
 3G3AX-MX2-PRT  Profibus option board
 3G3AX-MX2-DRT  DeviceNet option board
 3G3AX-MX2-ECT  EtherCAT option board
 3G3AX-MX2-CRT  CompoNet option board
 3G3AX-MX2-MRT  MECHATROLINK-II option board
 3G3AX-MX2-EIP  EtherNet/IP option board
 AX-CUSBM002-E  PC configuration cable (mini USB to USB connector cable)






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