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Inverter Omron SX Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Inverter Omron SX Series


Force and Flow in Harmony

The new SX inverter is designed to drive high power applications, anything from pumps, fans, compressors or blowers through to closed loop vector control required by cranes, crushers, mills or mixers. The standard inverter has built-in application oriented software and it's hardware design provides flexibility to the user.



Designed to drive any high power application from 0.75 kW up to 1 MW, the new SX series of compact inverters features embedded application dedicated functionality plus logic programming and customizable LCD information to give you all the control flexibility required for applications ranging from high torque to smooth flow and pressure control.

Housed in robust IP54 cabinets and with EMC C3 Class filters and fuses (from 200 kW) as standard, the SX series protects your process while reducing downtime.

  • 500V - 690V power supply from 90kW up to 1000kW
  • 400V power supply from 0.75 kW up to 800 kW
  • Compact design IP54 full range
  • Built-in Filter according to C3 Class
  • Safety according to EN13849-1 and EN62061 standards
  • Load curve control
  • Logic programmability
  • Built-in special application functionality as Multi-pump control or Crane applications
  • Hardware customisation (Main switch, Liquid cooling, 12-pulse rectifier, … )
  • Fieldbus communications: EtherCAT, PROFINET, Modbus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Modbus TCP


Safe Force

Direct torque control

Operation is protected from interruptions by means of very accurate and extremely quick speed and direct torque control. Disturbances caused by, e.g. peak loads, sudden load changes, or inaccurate ramp times are entirely eliminated.


Speed control

Changes liable to cause motor-speed deviation are reacted to quickly and the speed adjusted to the setpoint value. The set-up time is minimised thanks to an autotune function. 


Vector brake function

Instead of using mechanical brakes, rapid and protective braking is assured by an integrated vector brake function. As the braking energy is dissipated through the motor itself, interruptions caused by excessive brake voltages are avoided.

The SX inverter series ensures that your installation is provided with all the power it requires while maintaining full control of the process itself. It does this by applying the combination of direct torque control, accurate speed control and efficient vector braking.

Moreover, it efficiently solves the critical start-up of high torque applications by boosting the torque to overcome initial peak loads, thus ensuring that sudden, jerky movements are prevented. This is achieved by providing the pre-magnetized motor with sufficient power to deliver the torque required to start the movement at the very moment the mechanical brake is released.


Smooth Flow

The SX inverter series ensures perfectly smooth control of flow and pressure. This is achieved by controlling the motor speed in fan and pump applications, as opposed to using mechanical solutions, such as throttle valves or dampers. The result is a considerable saving in energy consumption and therefore operating costs. Dedicated control functionality, such as a sleep mode, automatic pump rinsing and multiple pump control, ensure complete and precise control, while gentle starts and stops protect equipment from pressure spikes and eliminate the risk of pressure surges (water hammer).


Load curve control

Your process is protected from damage and downtime by a built-in shaft power monitor in combination with a unique load curve protection function that monitors the equipment load curve across the entire speed range. This instantly detects harmful load conditions that could lead to inefficiency or damage. Setting the warning and safety stop levels is an easy matter.


Sleep function

Process optimisation is achieved by a built-in sleep function that reduces the motor speed to zero when the pressure does not require the motor to run. This also reduces the energy requirement as well as equipment wear.


Automatic pump rinsing

Sludge adhering to impellers can reduce efficiency if a pump is idle or running at low speed. The SX solves this by allowing you to set the pump to run at full speed upon start up, or at predetermined intervals, thus cleaning and maintaining efficiency.


Multiple pump control

A flexible and cost-efficient way of keeping a constant flow or pressure despite varying demands is by using multiple pumps r compressors. Only the number of pumps or compressors required at any given time is used and thus energy is saved. Up to even drives are controlled by one SX inverter without any other external equipment. The variable speed drive governs which pumps to start or stop, giving them all equal running time. Automatic switchover to the next in line occurs if one pump or motor breaks down.



Specifications Omron SX Series (SX 400V)



Specifications Omron SX Series (SX 690V)




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