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Mitsubishi Servo MR-C



Kitoma Indonesia - menyediakan Mitsubishi Servo MR-C


Small, Easy-to-Use, High-Performance. An Extraordinarily Compact, Intelligent Servo.

The MR-C brushless servo, in a handy super-compact size, is the culmination of Mitsubishi servo technology.

The ideal alternative to micro-stepper and 5-phase stepper motors, ( up to 400W) with: patented Real-Time Adaptive Tuning RS232 serial interface for Windows based set-up ( MR-Configurator) three standard pulse formats. The MR-C supports the following control methods: Position, and Speed.


The servo amplifier achieves high performance in an unprecedented compact body, only 40 millimeters wide and 130 millimeters tall. Small but powerful, it comes equipped with a serial encoder, and is packed with high-level features, including real-time auto-tuning and model adaptive control.

This servo can substitute for microstep and five-phase stepping motors, and it can be easily used even by first-time users. A “new age” servo for use in a broad range of fresh applications, including semiconductor manufacturing devices, printing machines and electronic component assembly.


Handy Super-Compact Size

Servo Amplifier

  • For up to 400 watts, a super-compact size of only 40 millimeters by 130 millimeters was achieved through the incorporation of a newly developed power module and an optimal thermal design made possible with computer-aided engineering techniques.
  • Mitsubishi servo control technology including model adaptive control and real-time auto-tuning is achieved with a micro-controller, resulting in the maximum performance with the fewest number of parts.
  • Select either a single-phase 100 V or 200 V amplifier.



  • Improved heat dissipation of the motor and a super-compact design are achieved with a molding process that uses newly developed high-thermal conductivity resin. (Frame diameter on 100-watt units and below is 40 millimeters square.)
  • This compact design offers maximum torque of 400% (100-watt units and below) through enhanced coil density made possible through original Mitsubishi technology.
  • Motors with failsafe electro-magnetic brakes are available.


Stepping Motor Replacement

No More Cogging or Stalling

Because control is performed using integral feedback to verify the servomotor’s position, this unit can start smoothly, without losing step. This is often a problem with stepping motors responding to sudden load fluctuations and sudden acceleration / deceleration.

Smooth Operation

Operation is smooth at low speeds and during acceleration /deceleration because feedback control is performed with a 4,000 pulse / rev encoder.

Stable Torque Characteristics

Reduced machine cycle time and greater production speeds are achieved thanks to stable torque characteristics, from low to high speeds (maximum rotation speed 4,500 rpm).

Controllable Torque

Prevent damage to machines and products by using the torque-limiting feature.

Easy Operation

Real-Time Auto-Tuning

Merely selecting the response setting that fits the machine being used eliminates the need for servo gain adjustments. This is because the real-time autotuning function automatically adjusts the gain to fit the machine. Mitsubishi’s unique model adaptive control makes a highly responsive and stable system possible.

Automatic Recognition of Motor Model

The servo amplifier automatically recognizes the drive motor with the motor ID information (motor model name, etc.) built into the encoder. This eliminates the need to set parameters, thereby avoiding errors.

Easy Operation

  • Test operation, monitoring, and parameter setting can all be performed easily using just four buttons.
  • The monitoring function allows you to display the status of nine parameters, including motor rotation speed, feedback pulse, command pulse, effective load factor, and peak load factor.
  • The servo can remember the conditions that existed during the last four alarms.
  • Either a 24 V or 5 V power supply can be selected for the I/O which is assigned by the user.
  • The MR-C can handle three command pulse formats: encoder signals, pulse and direction, and CW / CCW pulses.

Satisfies Overseas Industrial Standards

Satisfies EN, UL, and cUL Standards

  • An EMC filter (optional) is available for meeting EN-standard EMC directives. The MR-C-UE servo amps and HC-PQ-UE servomotors meet low-voltage directives (LVD).
  • The MR-C-UE servo amps and HC-PQ-UE servomotors meet UL, cUL and EC standards.


Personal Computer Interface

Communication with a PC is Made Possible

  • This servo can be connected to a PC using the optional RS-232C unit.
  • Setup software can be used to display various monitoring details and to enter and save all parameters. And with its graphing functions, it is possible to display servomotor speed, torque waveform, and digital I/O status. This makes it possible to check operating conditions.


Specifications (Functions within parentheses are added to the MR-C when using MCOMM.)


Monitoring Comprehensive display, high-speed display, graphing
Alarm Alarm display, alarm history, (alarm data display), (pre-alarm graph display)
Diagnosis DI / DO display, (display of reasons for failure to rotate), (time setting display), (cumulative power on display), software number display, tuning data display, (ABS data display), (VC automatic offset display)
Parameters Data setting, list display, list display of changes, detailed information display, (feed method selection [note 2])
Test Operation JOG operation, (positioning operation), (motor-less operation), DO forced output, (programmed operation through simplified language), (one-step feed [note 2])
Point Data [note 2] (Comprehensive position / speed block data display, data setting, teaching function)
File Management Data entry/ saving, printing
Other Functions (Automatic operation), help display


  1. Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
  2. Available with MR-H-AC.


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