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Timbangan Lantai (Balance) Vibra HJ-K series



Kitoma Indonesia -  Timbangan Lantai (Balance) Vibra HJ-K series 


Precision Tuning-fork Balance

Durable! Washable! High resolution!

All stainless steel housing
Maximum 1/330,000 resolution
Newly developed RATTS
(Right Angle Transmission Tuning-fork Sensor)
Big pan (400 × 350mm)
Large fluorescent display

Model Vibra HJ-K Series

Separate type Pole type
  • HJR-17KSE
  • HJR-17KSCE
  • HJR-22KSE
  • HJR-22KSCE
  • HJR-33KSE
  • HJR-33KSCE
  • HJR-62KDSE
  • HJ-17KSE
  • HJ-17KSCE
  • HJ-22KSE
  • HJ-22KSCE
  • HJ-33KSE
  • HJ-33KSCE
  • HJ-62KDSE
  • HJ-62KDSCE
  • HJR-17KE
  • HJR-17KCE
  • HJR-22KE
  • HJR-22KCE
  • HJR-33KE
  • HJR-33KCE
  • HJR-62KDE
  • HJR-62KDCE
  • HJ-17KE
  • HJ-17KCE
  • HJ-22KE
  • HJ-22KCE
  • HJ-33KE
  • HJ-33KCE
  • HJ-62KDE
  • HJ-62KDCE

Water & Dust Proof IP65 (IEC/JIS) compliant

Display and weighing unit are washable from any direction.

Newly developed RATTS

Evolved from MMTS, RATTS (Right Angle Transmission Tuning-fork Sensor) extends the capacity range up to 62kg while retaining the strong advantages of a tuning-fork sensor, such as quick response, stability, durability, and anti-noise performance.

One touch calibration

Calibrates the s balance with just one touch of the calibration key. Cal Adviser function notifies the operator when calibration is recommended due to an environmental change (HJR type)

Large fluorescent display

Highly visible in all lighting conditions.

Bar graph indicator

shows the gross weight's relation to the capacity.

5-point comparator function

Convenient for such tasks as classification, checking, and filling.

Standard 2-channel RS-232C

ISO/GLP/GMP compatible and includes calendar & clock function.

Under weighing function

It can be added using optional kit.



External Calibration Weight Models


Model (Pole) HJ-17KE HJ-22KEHJ-33KEHJ-62KDE
(Separate type)HJ-17KSEHJ-22KSEHJ-33KSEHJ-62KDSE
With EC approval (Pole)HJ-17KCEHJ-22KCEHJ-33KCEHJ-62KDCE
(Separate type) HJ-17KSCEHJ-22KSCE HJ-33KSCEHJ-62KDSCE
Capacity 17000g 22000g 33000g 6200/62000g
Readability 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g/1g
Repeatability(s) 0.1g 0.1g/0.7g
Non-Linearity(typ.) ±0.3g ±0.3g/±1g
Calibration External calibration weight
Weight Approx. 17.6kg (Polo type), 16.6kg (Separate Type)

* HJ-XXXCE stands for EC type approval models


Built-in Motor Driven Weight Calibration Models


(Separate type)HJR-17KSEHJR-22KSE HJR-33KSEHJR-62KDSE
With EC approval (Pole)HJR-17KCEHJR-22KCEHJR-33KCEHJR-62KDCE
(Separate type)HJR-17KSCE  HJR-33KSCEHJR-62KDSCE
Capacity 17000g 22000g 33000g 6200/62000g
Readability 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g/1g
Repeatability(s) 0.1g 0.1g/0.7g
Non-Linearity(typ.) ±0.3g ±0.3g/±1g
Calibration Built-in motor driven weight
Weight Approx. 18kg(Polo type), 17kg (Separate Type)

* HJR-XXXCE stands for EC type approval models


Pan size  400 × 350mm
Dimensions  508 × 350 × 705mm
Weighing units  gram, ct, oz lb, ozt, dwt, GN, tl(Hong Kong), tl(Taiwan), tl(Singapore, Malaysia)  momme, tola
Power source  AC adaptor 120/230V
Output  2 channel RS-232C (standard)
Measuring system  Right Angle Transmission Tuning-fork Sensing (RATTS)
Tare  Full weighing range
Display  Fluorescent display
Modes  Weighting, counting, percentage,




HJKBT  Rechargeable battery unit
HJKBZ  Buzzer output
HJKLM  Relay Contact
HJKR4  RS422A output
HJKUH  Under weighing hook
HJKPK  Pole kit
HJK-Cable  Extended pick-up calbe: 5m, 10m



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