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Solenoid valves Danfoss servo piston operated type EV245B



Kitoma Indonesia - menyediakan Solenoid valves 2/2-ways servo piston operated type EV245B

EV245B is a servo piston operated 2/2-way solenoid valve for use in steam application.

The servo-operated piston design with PTFE seal on the main orifice and steel valve plate in the armature secures a reliable function and long life in steam applications.


  • EV245B used with BQ coil, ac voltage up to 185ºC
  • EV245B used with BN coil, dc voltage up to 160ºC
  • EV245B used with BB coil, ac voltage up to 160ºC or dc voltage up to 140ºC


  • 2/2-way
  • Specifically designed for steam applications,
  • 160°C or 185°C
  • Servo piston operated
  • DN 15 - DN 20
  • ƒƒAmbient temperature: +40°C
  • G 1/2” to G 3/4”
  • ƒƒBrass valve body
  • NC (normally closed)


Technical data


Main type
 EV245B 15-20
 Vertical solenoid system is recommended
Max. test pressure  25 bar
Time to open  Max. 0.2 s
Time to close  Max. 2 s
Ambient temperature  Max. 40°C at a medium temperature of 185°C
Medium temperature  185°C with ac BQ coil / 160°C with dc BN coil / 140°C with dc BB coil
 max. 50 cSt



Valve body/cover  EN 12165, CW 617N
Armature/Armature stop  Stainless steel, W. no. 1.4105 / AISI 430FR
Armature tube  Stainless steel, W. no. 1.4306 / AISI 304L
Spring  Stainless steel, W. no. 1.4310 / AISI 301
Piston seal  PTFE
Piston ring  PTFE with grafite
Valve plate
 Stainless steel, W. no. 1.4122
External gaskets  PTFE



EV245B_Function.jpgCoil voltage disconnected (closed):
When the voltage is disconnected, the valve plate (2) is pressed down against the pilot orifice (3) by the armature spring (4). The pressure across the piston (6) is built up via the equalizing orifice (5).
The piston closes the main orifice (7) as soon as the pressure across the piston is equivalent to the inlet pressure. The valve will be closed for as long as the voltage to the coil is disconnected.

Coil voltage connected (open):
When voltage is applied to the coil (1), the pilot orifice (3) is opened. As the pilot orifice is larger than the equalising orifice (5), the pressure across the piston (6) drops and therefore it is lifted clear of the main orifice (7). The valve is now open for unimpeded flow and will be open for as long as the minimum differential pressure across the valve is maintained, and for as long as there is voltage to the coil.





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