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Iwaki Process magnetic drive pumps MDH/MDH-F series



Kitoma Indonesia - Iwaki Magnetik Drive Pumps MDH/MDH-F Series


MDH: Max. discharge capacity range(50/60Hz): 280 to 500/280 to 500 L/min
MDH-F: Max. discharge capacity range(50/60Hz): 180 to 500/185 to 500 L/min

The patented pin-point contacting system gives the magnetic drive pumps dry-running capability


Features of MDH / MDH-F series

Dry running is possible with a pin-point contacting system

Up to one-hour of continuous dry running is possible due to the pin-point contacting system which minimizes the heat generation of the sliding parts during dry running. (Note) Dry running is possible with the carbon bearing type (D type only.)

Excellent durability

The resin parts for MDH are reinforced with glass fiber and MDH-F is reinforced with carbon fiber for the purpose of enhancing durability. In addition, sufficient consideration was given to the mechanical strength and the safety of the spindle.

Excellent corrosion resistance

The casings, impeller assembly and magnet capsule of MDH pump are made of polypropylene and those of MDH-F are made of fluororesin. Other wet-end parts are made of highly corrosion resistant materials such as carbon, ceramics and the like. The pumps can handle almost type of chemicals including acid and alkali.

Simple structure

The pump unit's simple structure consists of only a few parts. The assembly and disassembly procedures for maintenance purposes are very easy and simple.


Specifications (50/60Hz)


Max. discharge capacity

500 L/min

Max. head

35/37 m

Main materials


Required power range

0.15 to 2.2 kW

Discharge bore

G1 to 40 mm

Liquid temp. range

0 to 80˚C (10 to 80˚C for Aflas® O ring.)

Specific gravity limit

Up to approx. 1.2 (Please contact us for details.)

Sealing method

Seal-less construction





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