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Mitsubishi GOT2000 GT2712 Series 12.1"



Mitsubishi GOT2000 GT2712 Series 12.1"

GT2712 Base Units Series

  • GT2712-STBA : AC 100-240V (Frame Color Black)
  • GT2712-STBD : DC 24V (Frame COlor Black)
  • GT2712-STWA : AC 100-240V (Frame Color White)
  • GT2712-STWD : DC 24V (Frame COlor White)

Model name GT27
Screen Size 12.1"
Resolution SVGA 800×600 px
Display Type TFT Color
To fit standard UL/cUL, CE (EMC), KC
Type TFT color LCD 65536 color
Brightness adjust 32 stages
Input power voltage DC24V (+25%,-20%)

GT2712-STBA-D.jpg GT2712-STWA-D.jpg


GT2715 Feature

  • Memory 57 MB DC/AC type panel color: black
  • Multimedia video/RGB support multi-touch support
  • GT27 all-in-one models
  • And communication functions such as Ethernet, multimedia is the highest grade all-in-one
  • Intuitive multi-touch interaction and monitor and improve performance and ease of operation
  • Similar to the Smartphone and Tablet multitouch gesture operations, intuitive screen scaling, chart, list scrolling is possible.
  • High speed processing
  • Speed and handling ( up two times (compared to GT16) ) achieved comfortable logging script, alarm, device data transfer high loads during screen operation.
  • Memory capacity UP
  • Increased memory capacity and projection data compression technology allows corresponded to about 9 times (GT16 ratio) large scale data.
  • Rich interface!
  • Standard equipped with Ethernet, RS422/485, USB host / device, and support standard SD cards.


  • USB (device) : The maximum transfer speed: High-Speed 480Mbps 1ch (rear) connector shape: USB Mini-B
  • SD card : 1 ch SDHC compatible (up to 32 GB)
  • Impact resistance : Conform to JIS B 3502, IEC 61131-2 (147 m / s 2 (15 G), XYZ each of 3 directions 3 times)
  • Input frequency : 50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
  • Input the maximum apparent power : 100 VA
  • Permissible instantaneous stop time : 20 ms or less (AC100V or more)
  • Noise immunity : Noise voltage of 1500-p noise width 1 μs, 25-60 Hz noise frequency noise Simulator
  • Withstand voltage : Bulk power supply terminal ⇔ grounding AC1500V for 1 minute
  • Insulation resistance : Power terminal bulk ⇔ grounding between DC500V insulation tester at Ω more than 10 M.
  • Applicable wire size : 0.75-2 [mm2]
  • Applicable crimp terminal : M3 screws for crimp terminals RAV1.25-3, V2-S3.3, V2-N3A, FV2-N3A
  • Fit clamping torque (Terminal units Terminal screw) : 0.5 to 0.8 [N-m]


GT27 Power Supply Specifications


Model Number

GT2712-STBA | GT2712-STWA

GT2712-STBD | GT2712-STWD

Input Power Supply Voltage

100 to 240VAC (+10%, -15%)

24VDC (+25%, -20%)

Input Power Supply Frequency

50/60Hz ±5%


Power Consumption

Maximum Load

44W or less

45W or less

Stand Alone



Stand Alone w/ Backlight Off



Inrush Current

60A or less (2ms, ambient temperature 25°C, maximum load)

5A or less (20ms, ambient temperature 25°C, maximum load)

Permissible Instantaneous Failure Time

Within 20ms (100VAC or more)

Within 10ms

Noise Resistance

Noise voltage 1500Vp-p, noise width 1μs by noise simulator with noise frequency 25 to 60Hz

Noise voltage 500Vp-p, noise width 1μs by noise simulator with noise frequency 25 to 60Hz

Withstand Voltage

1500VAC for 1 minute between power supply terminal and ground

350VAC for 1 minute between power supply terminal and ground

Insulation Resistance

10MΩ or higher with an insulation resistance tester (500VDC between power supply terminal and ground)

Applicable Wire Size

0.75 to 2 [mm²]

Clamp Terminal

Clamp terminals for M3 screw RAV1.25-3, V2-S3.3, V2-N3A, FV2-N3A

Tightening Torque (Terminal Block’s Terminal Screws)

0.5 to 0.8 [N·m]

GT27 Performance Specifications


Model Number

GT2712-STBA | GT2712-STBD

GT2712-STWA | GT2712-STWD

Display Section
(*1, *2)


TFT color LCD

Screen Size


Resolution (Dots)

800 x 600 SVGA

Display size (W x H) mm

246.0 x 184.5

Number of Characters

16-dot standard font: 50 chars. × 37 lines (2-byte)

12-dot standard font: 66 chars. × 50 lines (2-byte)

Display Colors

65536 colors

Intensity Adjustment

32-level adjustment



LED (not replaceable)

Life (*4)

Approx. 60000 hours or more (Time for display intensity reaches 50% at ambient temperature of 25°C)

Touch Panel (*3)


Analog resistive film

Key Size (dots)

Minimum 2 × 2 dots (per key)

Simultaneous Press

Maximum 2 points


1 million times or more (operating force 0.98N or less)

Human Sensor

Detection Distance (m)


Detection Temperature

Temperature difference between human body and ambient air: 4°C or higher


User Memory Capacity

Memory for storage (ROM): 57MB, Memory for operation (RAM): 128MB

Life (No. of Writings)

100000 times

Internal Clock Accuracy

±90 sec/month (ambient temperature 25°C)



GT11-50BAT lithium battery


Approx. 5 years (ambient temperature 25°C)

Built-in Interface


1ch Transmission speed: 115200/57600/38400/19200/9600/4800bps Connector shape: D-sub 9-pin (male)


1ch Transmission speed: 115200/57600/38400/19200/9600/4800bps Connector shape: D-sub 9-pin (female)


1ch Data transfer method: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Connector shape: RJ-45 (modular jack)

USB (Host)

2ch (front face/rear face)

1ch (rear face)

Maximum transfer speed: High-Speed 480Mbps Connector shape: USB-A

USB (Device)

1ch (front face)

1ch (rear face)

Maximum transfer speed: High-Speed 480Mbps Connector shape: USB Mini-B

SD Card

1ch SDHC compliant (maximum 32GB)

Extension Interface

For communication unit/option unit mounting

Auxiliary Extension I/F

For option unit mounting

Side Interface

For communication unit mounting

Buzzer Output

Single tone (tone, tone length adjustable)

Power LED

Emission color: 2 colors (blue, orange)

Protective Construction

Front: IP67F (*5) In control panel: IP2X

External Dimensions (W x H x D) mm

316 x 246 x 52

Panel Cutout (W x H) mm

302 x 228

Weight (kg)
(Excluding Mounting Brackets)


Applicable Software Package

GT Works3 Version 1.113T or Later



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