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Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Type GT 14 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Type GT 14 Series

Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) 1000


Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Type GT 14 Series

  • GT1455-QTBDE
  • GT1450-QLBDE
  • GT14-RS2T4-9P
  • GT14-C10EXUSB-4S


The GT14 Series is Mitsubishi Electric's new standard-level Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT). Incorporating advanced functionality and embedded Ethernet communication all at a surprisingly low price point, the GT14 Series suits a variety of users and applications. Wherever the GT14 Series travels local users benefit from language switching and stroke font display functions. The 5.7" display is available in a 65,536 color or 16 shade gray scale monochrome screen. In addition to Ethernet, the GT14 Series also has serial communication ports for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. Expandability and data storage is provided by the USB host and SD card ports, supplementing the GT14 Series' data logging and PLC backup/restore functions.

The bright TFT screen which supports 65,000 colours uses the latest high-brightness LED backlight technology to produce vivid colours whilst reducing power consumption. There’s also Mitsubishi’s trademark flush-mounted USB connection on the front, enabling easy maintenance and allowing access to the HMI and connected PLC (transparent mode) without the need to open the panel.


 GT1450-QLBDE  Graphic Touch terminal; 5.7″
 STN-Display; 320×240
 Pixel; 16 greyscales, 24V DC, RS232,422, USB &
 Ethernet interfaces, USB & SD Memory card slots
 GT1455-QTBDE  Graphic Touch terminal; 5.7″
 TFT-Display; 320×240
 Pixel; 65K colours, 24V DC, RS232,422, USB &
 Ethernet interfaces, USB & SD memory card slots
 GT14-RS2T4-9P  RS232 to RS485 Converter for GT14 HMIs
 GT14-C10EXUSB-4S  Waterproof USB Host cable


Performance specication

Item Specifications
Power Input supply 24VDC (+10%, -15%)
Consumption Less than 8.40W
Display Type TFT LCD Monochrome LCD
Size W115(4.53) x H86 (3.39) [mm] (inch)
Touch panel Analog resistive film
Backlight 70,000h or longer
Memory 9Mbytes built-in flash memory
RS-422/485 D-Sub 9pin (Female)
RS-232 D-Sub 9pin (Male)
Ethernet 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T
USB TYPE-A USB (Full Speed 12Mbps), host
Mini-B USB (Full Speed 12Mbps), device
SD card Supports: SDHC memory card, SD memory card
Environment   Operating temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage temperature -20 – 60°C
IP67f (front panel only)
External dimensions W164(6.46) x H135(5.32) x D55(2.17)[mm](inch)
Weight 0.7kg
Programming GT Designer3 version 1.37P or later



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