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Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Type GT 11 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Type GT 11 Series


Handy Control GOT

Operation box at your fingertips!

The GT11 Series is Mitsubishi's mid level GOT HMI. Models in this range offer basic HMI functionality in a 6" package. Ideal for many standalone machine level applications these models build on the functionality found in the GT10 Series and add enhancements like scripting, animation and removable memory access (compact flash). GT11 is available in panel mount or pendent style configurations and offers several display options including monochrome, color STN and color TFT.
Common hardware features for the GT11 include an enhanced CPU, integrated communication ports (RS232/422) and power supply, front mounted USB port, compact flash slot, and 3MB onboard flash memory.


Handy Terminal

  • GT1155HS-QSBD
  • GT1150HS-QLBD


The handy graphic operation terminals GT1155HS-QSBD and GT1150HS-QLBD boast top level quality for medium sized terminals and share the same functions as those of the GT11 Series. Along with a clear display and high functionality, the handy terminals inherit the safety and functionality required for a diverse range of industries. For convenient and comfortable control at your fingertips, the handy graphic operation terminals are the product of choice.




Operation switches with LED

Pushbutton switches with (green) LED for operation status check are provided for inputs to the external equipment. These switches can be used to start and stop a machine.
The but ton names c an be easily changed using the name sheet.

Emergency stop switch

This switch immediately stops the unit in an emergency.
A “Normally closed” contact is adopted to assure the safety.
In addition, the switch guard is offered as an opt ional devi ce to prevent operation mistakes.

Selector switch with key

The operator can be limited for each type of ope r at ion such as mode changeover (between manual and automatic), mode selection and setup change.
While the key is removed, no one can manipulate the handy GOT.

One-touch connector

The handy GOT can be easily connected to and disconnected from an external connection cable by one - touch operation.
No tool is required for connecting or disconnecting the cable.

Three-position grip switch

The three-position (OFF-ON-OFF) type deadman switch is adopted for preventing operation mistakes
and prohibiting operation of a machine.
The switch can directly control external equipment to give immediate stop commands to a machine.

Hand strap

The hand strap on the rear face offers protection from accidents where the GOT may be dropped.
The added protection aids in extending the lifetime of the GOT.

Hanging on wall, shoulder or neck

The GOT can be hung on the wall using the hook located on the backside of the unit.
When a neck or shoulder strap (arranged by the user) is attached to the hook for strap attachment, the GOT can be hung on an operator's shoulder while it is carried during operation.




For RS-422 connection

The connection distance between the handy GOT and the PLC should not exceed 11.5 meters.


For RS-232 connection

The connection distance between the handy GOT and the PLC should not exceed 6 meters. When the connection distance between the handy GOT and the PLC is longer than the cable length shown in the table above, the user should prepare a relay cable for connection between FA equipment.
For details on connection cables types, refer to the Handy GOT General Description Manual.


GT11 Base Units

Model Number

Screen Size


Display Colors
(Number of Colors)

Power Supply

Memory Size


Stk. Item


Handy GOT


5.7” QVGA
320 x 240 dots

STN color LCD

256 colors






STN monochrome LCD

Monochrome (b/w)
16 gray scales




GT11 Power Supply Specifications


Model Number



Input Power Supply Voltage

24VDC (+10%, -15%), ripple voltage of 200mV or less

Input Frequency


Input Maximum Voltampere


Power Consumption

9.84W or less (410mA/24VDC)

9.36W or less (390mA/24VDC)

With Backlight Off

4.32W or less (180mA/24VDC)

Inrush Current

15A or less (2ms, at max. load)

Permissible Instantaneous Failure Time

Within 5ms

Noise Resistance

Noise voltage 1000Vp-p, noise width 1µs by noise simulator with noise frequency 30 to 100Hz

Withstand Voltage

500VAC for 1 minute between power supply terminal and ground for 1 minute

Insulation Resistance

10MΩ or higher with an insulation resistance tester (500VDC between power supply terminal and ground)

Applicable Wire Size

0.75 to 2 [mm²] (*1)

Clamp Terminal

Clamp terminals for M3 screw RAV1.25-3, V2-N3A, FV2-N3A (*1)

Tightening Torque (Terminal Block’s Terminal Screws)

0.5 to 0.8 [N·m] (*1)



Note: Excluding GT115_HS


GT11 Performance Specifications


Model Number





STN color LCD

STN monochrome (B&W) LCD

Screen Size


Resolution (Dots)

QVGA: 320 x 240

Display Size (W x H) mm

115 x 86

No. of Displayed Characters

16-dot standard font: 20 chars. x 15 lines (2-byte) 12-dot standard font: 26 chars. x 20 lines (2-byte) (in horizontal display mode)

Display Colors


Monochrome (B&W) 16 gray scale

View Angle

Right/left: 50°, Up: 50°, Down: 60°

Right/left: 45°,Up: 20°, Down: 40°

Contrast Adjustment

16-step adjustment

Intensity (cd/m²)



Intensity Adjustment

8-step adjustment


Approx. 50,000 hours (operating ambient temperature: 25°C)



Cold-cathode fluorescent tube (not replaceable), with backlight OFF detection function
Backlight off time and screen save time can be set

Life (*1)

Approx. 75,000 hours or more

Approx. 54,000 hours or more

Time for display intensity reaches 50% at operating ambient temperature of 25°C

Touch Panel


Matrix resistive type

Number of Touch Keys

300 keys/screen (matrix consisting of 15 lines x 20 columns)

Key Size (Dots)

Min. 16 x 16 (per key)

No. of Simultaneous Touch Points

Max. 2 points


1,000,000 times or more (operating force 0.98N or less)


C Drive (*2)

3 Mb built-in flash memory (for saving project data, OS)

Life (No. of Writings)

100,000 times

D Drive

Built-in SRAM, 512 kB (battery backup)



GT11-50BAT type lithium battery

Backed Up Data

Clock data, alarm history and recipe data


Approx. 5 years (operating ambient temperature: 25°C)

Built-in Interface






RS-422/232, 1ch, (Select one when using) Transmission speed: 115200/ 57600/38400/19200/9600/4800 bps, Connector shape: Round type, 32-pin (male) Application: Communication with connected devices


RS-232, 1ch, Transmission speed: 115200/57600/38400/19200/9600/4800 bps, Connector shape: Mini-DIN 9-pin (female) Application: Connection to personal computer (project data upload/download, OS installation, FA transparent function)

USB (*3)

USB (full speed: 12 Mbps), device 1ch Application: Connection to personal computer (project data upload/download, OS installation, FA transparent function)

CF Card

Compact flash slot, 1ch; Connector shape: TYPE I; Application: Data transfer and storage

Optional Function

1ch for optional function board installation

Buzzer Output

Single tone (tone length adjustable)

Protective Construction

JEM1030 Front: IP65f (*4)

External Dims. (Without USB Port Cover) (W x H x D) mm

176 x 220 x 93

Panel Cut Dims. (W X H) mm


Weight (kg)

1.0 (main unit only)

Applicable Software Packages

Screen Design Software

GT Designer2 Version 2.58L or later

Simulation Software

GT Simulator2 Version 2.58L or later



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