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Mitsubishi GOT1000 Series



Kitoma Indonesia - Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Series


The GOT1000 platform is an all new and evolutionary family of high performance Graphical Operator Terminals (GOT). This new platform combines the best in performance, graphics and functionality in a unique, ultra compact and robust package. This platform is divided into two classes of HMI – Basic and Advanced. Basic models offer a long list of features and functions commonly found in many small standalone systems and applications. Advanced models,add increased innovation and functionality, flexibility and networking capabilities to address the needs of larger, more complex systems. The GOT1000 platform of HMIs offers a wide selection of display types (TFT and STN), sizes (ranging from 5.7” to 15”) and formats (available in both panel mount and pendant style) to not only meet but exceed your application requirement.

The GOT1000 Series of Graphical Operator Terminals is an all new high performance line of panel mounted and pendant style touch screen displays. Models in this family combine high resolution TFT (Thin Film Transistor) and STN (Super Twist Nematic) displays with a wide assortment of sizes and resolution to cover 5.7 inch QVGA to 15 inch XGA terminals. Terminals support a wide range of connection types and vendors. GOT1000 terminals are configured with a single easy to use programming environment.



GOT 1000 Series


GOT1000 Standard Hardware Features

  • Front panel mounted USB port
  • Compact Flash expansion slot
  • Embedded communications and option slots (RS-232 / 422 / 485 / Ethernet / USB) (built-in communication ports for GT16, GT14, GT12, GT11_ _ and Handy models)
  • Built-in power supply (AC or 24VDC)
  • Ultra-thin design for today’s compressed panel and installation space requirements
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles combined with bright crystal clear display characteristics
  • 64bit RISC processor combined with Mitsubishi Graphics Accelerator for high-speed processing and lightning quick touch operations and data crunching
  • Expandable project memory and upgradeable OS
  • UL and CE environmental ratings

Advanced GOT1000 Maintenance Features (Supported by Mitsubishi Controllers Only)

  • System Monitor - Direct access to devices in CPU
  • Ladder Monitor (*1) - Direct access to CPU Logic
  • Ladder and List Editor - Modify Logic without a PC (supports A/AnS Series CPU)
  • Special Unit Monitor (*1) - Direct access to Special Function Modules (SFM) and Buffer Memory (BFM) data locations through special pre-programmed screens
  • Motion Monitor - Access to Q-Motion CPU (Q172/3CPUs) parameters/monitoring data through special pre-programmed screens
  • Network Monitor - Direct access to CPU stations on Mitsubishi’s high-speed networks (MNET10/II/B), CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field
  • Transparent Mode - Simultaneous communication of both HMI and Mitsubishi controller from a PC through serial or high-speed MELSEC Bus connections
  • Ladder Monitor function requires additional memory expansion board

GOT1000 Terminal Features Include

  • Multi-Channel Connections: simultaneous communications to several devices
  • Scripting functions allow terminals the ability to run aux codes
  • Highly advanced alarm, messaging and recipe management
  • Graphical trending and data sampling
  • Multi language (Unicode 2.1) and True Type font support
  • Multilevel security protection (device, screen, system and project levels)
  • Advanced data sharing and gateway functions (FTP, email, client/server functions)
  • Printing and report generation
  • Supports time action/time scheduling
  • Supports graphics, text and numerical data


Advanced GOT1000 Preventative Maintenance Features (GT16oo Models Only)

  • Built-in preventative maintenance allows users to monitor/schedule convenient times to replace or service GOT terminals
  • Display Screen Monitor: Tracks total hours terminal has been in operation and number of touch presses
  • Backlight Monitor: Tracks total hours light has been in operation
  • Compact Flash Monitor: Tracks removable media write access



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