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Programmable Terminal Omron NT2S



Kitoma Indonesia - Programmable Terminal Omron NT2S Operator Interface

Programmable Function Key Terminal


Appealing Simplicity

The Omron NT2S programmable function key terminals are appealing in their simplicity. These small, six key terminals can be placed anywhere. With their 2 lines of 16 character displays they are not only attractive to your customer, but more importantly, they fulfill all the functionality that you need in a great variety of applications.


The Easily Applicable Type

This Omron terminal is easily applicable in almost any configuration. The main advantage of this specific type of terminal is that you do not need to program the terminal itself. Instead it connects directly to a PLC. Key activation is directly fed to the memory of this PLC. Even the terminal texts are stored in the PLC memory.


The Best Connected Type

This programmable function key terminal is highly connectable. It is not only plug compatible to Omron PLCs. A full list of drivers also makes it fully compatible with almost any other PLC brand. The available programming tool for the Omron NT2S series is extremely user-friendly. Just select the required driver from this tools. It configures the programmable function key terminal automatically when you download your application.

Integrated Time Base Include

Top of the line with a programmable real time clock.


Powerful and Compact Alphanumeric Operator Interface

  • High visibility LED backlit LCD display shows 2 lines of 16 characters
  • Choose programmable or message display models
  • Compact, fits 1/8 DIN panel cutout
  • Six programmable function keys
  • Two programmable LED indicators
  • Powered by peripheral port or 24 VDC power supply
  • Password protect any function key
  • Bar graph display
  • cCSAus and CE approvals
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Programming software included at no cost


Ordering Information

Item Part number
2 x 16 character LCD text, 6 function key, RTC, 24 VDC
2 x 16 character LCD text, 6 function key, 5 VDC NT2S-SF122B-E
2 x 16 character LCD text message display, 6 function key, 5 VDC NT2S-SF123B-E
9-pin to peripheral port cable, 2 m for SF121 model NT2S-CN212
9-pin to peripheral port cable, 5 m for SF121 model NT2S-CN215
9-pin to peripheral port cable, 2 m for SF122 and SF123 models NT2S-CN222
9-pin to peripheral port cable, 5 m for SF122 and SF123 models NT2S-CN225









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