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Pneumatic Koganei Jig Cylinder C Series



Kitoma Indonesia - menyediakan Pneumatic Koganei Jig Cylinder C Series

World's first!* Single rod stroke-adjustable cylinder, whose push-side strokes are adjustable. *According to our investigation as of April, 2008.
Also, Low-friction cylinder is released, where 1mm/s of operating speed is realized at 0.01MPa of operating pressure.

"Stroke-adjustable cylinder" and "Low-friction cylinder" are added to the JIG Cylinder C Series, which will broaden the width of choice for the customer's request.
"Stroke-adjustable cylinder" allows the adjustment of push-side strokes for the first time of the world among single rod cylinders (patent pending).
"Low-friction cylinder" allows low pressure actuation and low speed operation with the minimum operating pressure at 0.01MPa and the minimum operating speed at 1mm/s. In addition, clean specification is also available.


New system for stroke adjustment! Rotating the adjustment gear enables the minute adjustment of push-side strokes.

Easy stroke adjustment is possible.

  1. Prepare a pin or like, put it into the hole of the adjustment gear and rotate the gear.
  2. Adjust stroke as required (stroke range: 0 to -5mm).
  3. After adjustment, tighten the fixing screw.


"Low-friction cylinder" featuring both low-pressure actuation and low-speed operation.

Sudden start from rest is reduced by its small sliding resistance. Also, stick-slip is so little that smooth operations are achieved. The minimum operating pressure of 0.01MPa and the minimum operating speed of 1mm/s are realized.

"Low-friction cylinder" with clean specification has been developed too.

It corresponds to cleanliness JIS, ISO class 4 (FED-STD class 10).



  • Cylinder Series (c) = C Series
  • (DA) = Double acting
  • (S) = Cylinder with Magnet
  • (20) = Bore 20mm
  • (20) = Stroke 20mm
  • Cylinder Body Width: 34mm
  • Cylinder Length: 29.5mm



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