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Load cell unipulse USB58



Kitoma Indonesia - Menyediakan Load cell unipulse USB58

High Accuracy Tension / Compression Type Loadcell

Accuracy 1/10000 ― Top-of-the-line compression / tension type loadcells uniquely developed through the perseverance of Unipulse. They are the USB58 series.

  • Capacity 200 N / 500 N
  • Accuracy 1/10000 (Non-linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability)
  • High input impedance: 1050Ω
  • Usage: Applications in fields that require high accuracy such as calibration of testing units, in-house standard devices, etc.



With high accuracy, they are ideal for calibration, research and development of testing units and measuring equipment, and weighing / measuring applications in the fields required for accuracy. Since these loadcells are compact and lightweight, you do not need to be site-specific when installing them. They are highly resistant to overload, and maintenance is easy. They are also excellent in durability with less deterioration with age. Accordingly, they can be used stably for a long period of time.

Accuracy 1/10000
With regard to non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability, accuracy of 1/10000 was realized. 

Usable as standard equipment
High-accuracy allows usage of calibration of testing units or as in-house standard equipment.

High input impedance: 1050Ω
Prevention of excessive current flow insures stable use.

Compact and lightweight
With high accuracy realized in compact and lightweight design, easy installation is possible.

Sealed structure
The circuit part is sealed.

Maintenance free
High resistance to overload insures long-term stable use with less deterioration with age. 

Application examples



Model USB58
Rated capacity 200 500 N
Rated output 1±1% mV/V
Safe overload 150 %R.C.
Maximum safe overload 200 %R.C.
Zero balance ±2 %R.O.
Non-linearity ±0.01 %R.O.
Hysteresis ±0.01 %R.O.
Repeatability ±0.01 %R.O.
Creep ±0.03 %R.O./30min
Operation temperature range -10~+70
Safe temperature range -30~+80
Temperature effect on Zero ±0.015 %R.O./10℃
Temperature effect on span ±0.015 %R.O./10℃
Input resistance 1050±15% Ω
Output resistance 1050±1% Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 10 V(AC,DC)
Maximum excitation voltage 20 V(AC,DC)
Insulation resistance (DC50V) 1000 or more
Cable φ6 6-conductor color shield cable.  Length 5m. End treatment -7leads.  
Loadcell material Aluminum alloy  



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