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PTASP6-F Single Point Load Cells



Kitoma Indonesia : PTASP6-F Single Point Load Cells

50kg ~ 2000kg Aluminium, Low Cost, 600mm x 600mm to 1200mm x 1200mm platforms

Aluminium Single Point

  • Fully sealed
  • C3 accuracy class
  • Annodised for protection
  • For larger platform scales

Item Available

PTASP6-F 50kg
PTASP6-F 100kg
PTASP6-F 150kg
PTASP6-F 200kg
PTASP6-F 250kg
PTASP6-F 500kg
PTASP6-F 750kg
PTASP6-F 1000kg
PTASP6-F 2000kg

The PTASP6-F is a super high capacity single point load cell. A unique design allows for very large platform sizes up to 1200mm x 1200mm. Direct mounted in this design makes a low profile platform with one single load cell. This load cell is used in many other applications where a relatively small high capacity cell can be housed in a construction such as in hanging or crane scales plus many other industrial applications from check weighing to safety areas. Two additional sense wires feed back the voltage reaching the load cell which improves performance.



Model name PTASP6-F
Signal output at capacity 2±0.2 mV/V
Linearity Error < 0.017% FSO
Non-Repeatability < 0.010% FSO
Combined Error < 0.020% FSO
Off Centre Load Error < 0.020% FSO
Creep (30 mins) < 0.020% FSO
Zero Balance < 2.0% Capacity
Temperature Effect On  Span/10ºC < 0.014% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10ºC < 0.017% FSO
Operating Temperature Range -35 ~ +65 C
Compensated Temperature Range -10 ~ +40 C
Storage Temperature Range -50 ~ 85 C
Excitation +ve RED
Signal +ve BLUE
Sense +ve BROWN

Service Load 100% Capacity
Safe Load 150% Capacity
Ultimate Load 300% Capacity
Input Resistance 409Ω ± 6Ω
Output Resistance 350Ω ± 6Ω
Insulation Resistance
> 5000 MΩ (@50 VDC)
Excitation Voltage (Rec) 5 ~ 12 V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max) 18V AC/DC
Cable 3m long, Ø6.2 mm
  6 core screened PVC
Material Aluminium Alloy
Sealing IP65
Excitation -ve YELLOW
Signal -ve WHITE
Sense -ve BLACK



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