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HPC-IP67 sealed Compression Load Cells



Kitoma Indonesia : HPC-IP67 sealed Compression Load Cells

High Precision Compression Load Cell

30t & 45t weighbridge, hopper, tank.



  • Road weighbridges
  • Rail weighbridges
  • Tanks and hoppers



  • Welded stainless steel enclosure
  • Anti-rotation fitted as standard
  • Smart technology single column design
  • Heavy duty braided 6 core cable


Item Available


The HPC IP67 (High Precision Compression) is a state of the art measurement device. It's highly sophisticated and super sensitive electronics are housed in a rugged fully stainless steel enclosure. Fitted with anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas fitted for component longevity, the HPC provides for an IP67 enclosure rating.

Purpose designed to meet the needs of the weighbridge and truck scale manufacturer, the cell is supplied in two optimum weighbridge cell capacities of 30t and 45t.

To ensure the exceptional performance of the HPC is optimised. PT offer specially designed mounting accessories, please refer accessory part numbers on the back page.

The load cell is electronically and mechanically compatible and interchangeable with all 2 mV/V HPC's. It has a three year warranty and is supplied individually packed with a detailed accuracy certificate traceable by serial number.




Model name HPC-IP67
Nominal Capacity 30t and 45t
Signal output at capacity 2±0.002 mV/V
Linearity Error < 0.02% FSO
Non-Repeatability < 0.010% FSO
Combined Error < 0.023% FSO
Hysteresis < 0.023% FSO
Creep (30 mins) < 0.020% FSO
Zero Balance < 1% Capacity
Temperature Effect On  Span/10ºC < 0.010% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10ºC < 0.015% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range -30 ~ 65 C
Operating Temperature Range -10 ~ 50 C
Storage Temperature Range -50 ~ 85 C
Excitation +ve RED
Signal +ve GREEN
Sense +ve BROWN

Service Load 100% of Rated Capacity
Safe Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Load 300% of Rated Capacity
Tilt (max sideways travel) 7.5 mm from centre
Input Resistance 750Ω ± 10Ω
Output Resistance 704Ω Matched  ± 0.2Ω
Insulation Resistance
> 5000 MΩ (@50 VDC)
Excitation Voltage (Rec) 5 ~ 18 V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max) 20 V AC/DC
Material Alloy/Stainless Steel
Sealing IP67
12m long, 7.5 mm dia
6 core x 0.24mmª (24AWG) PE, braid screen, PUR sheath
Excitation -ve BLACK
Signal -ve WHITE
Sense -ve BLUE


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