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AND AD-4401A Weighing Indicator



Kitoma Indonesia : AND AD-4401A Weighing Indicator

High Performance Weighing/Batching

New and improved. Perfect compatibility with AD-4401
Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
Complete with measuring sequence and transmission functions

Compact and versatile for a diverse array of measuring applications

Complete with measuring sequence and transmission functions.
Advanced system for hoppers, checkweighers and platform scales is now even more accurate

For batching, loss-in weighing, check weighing or simple static weighing



  • Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
  • 100 times/sec. High speed sampling
  • Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution
  • Monitor & control weighing and batching with external or internal resolution
  • Fuzzy and Automatic Free Fall Compensation for consistently accurate batching results
  • Enter control set points through front keys or remotely though external thumb wheels
  • Automatic weight and/or count accumulation
  • Sub display provides feedback on all set points & simplifies calibration
  • Supplementary flow function assures accurate performance on each batch
  • A host of communications capabilities
  • RS-232C, RS-422/485, BCD, analog output and standard 4-20mA Current Loop
  • Connect up to 10 AD-4401's with A&D's RS-422/485
  • Compact DIN size housing speeds installation & reduces space
  • Digital Span Calibration enhances technical support and difficult installations
  • Splash proof front panel and keys (IP-65)
  • High sensitivity 0.3(µV/d for more accurate measurements
  • Automatic batching and customer programming capability
  • Bright, clear fluorescent displays
  • Hold and peak hold functions
  • User programmed timer settings and alarms
  • Improve operational safety & performance
  • Weigh-in and Loss-in-Weight batching

Perfect compatibility with AD_4401

The size, color, method of operation and installing to a control panel of the AD-4401A remains the same as the AD-4401.
Interface connectors retain compatibility so even when updating from AD-4401 to AD-4401A previously connected devices can continue to
be used without changing any connectors.
Functions have been added but the default settings remain identical to the AD-4401.

High-Performance Digital Filter (HPDF) for Environments with Vibration Issues

The High-Performance Digital Filter provides high accuracy/high speed weighing in environments with vibration problems.
It greatly reduces the costs and maintenance required for anti-vibration equipment since it copes with vibrations without requiring many
mechanical measures. What's more, conducting weighing while applying vibrations, once an extremely difficult task, is now possible.




Input Sensitivity Over 0.3 µV/d (d=minimum division)
ZERO Adjustment Range  0mV to 20mV (0mV/V to 2mV/V)
Load Cell Excitation DC 10V ±5%, 230mA
Remote sensing function include
Up to 8 x 350? load cells can be connected
Temperature Coefficient  Zero : ±(0.2µV+0.0008% of dead Load)℃ Typ.
Span : ±0.0008%/℃ Typ
Non-Linearity 0.01% of F.S
Input Noise Less than 0.3µVp-p
Maximum measruement voltage 32mV (3.2mV/V)
Input impedance 10MΩ and above
A/D conversion method Delta-sigma modulation
A/D resolution Approx. 1,000,000
Display Resolution 999,999d
Sampling rate 100 times per second
Display elements VFD (Display : Cobalt blue Status display : orange)
Display Type 1. Main Display (7 digit 7-segment display with 13mm characters)
2. Sub Display (8 digit 7-segment display with 7mm characters)
3. Status (Orange rectangle marks
Main display Switches between NET and GROSS
Display Range 0-999999d
(Minimum scale d can be 1,2,5,10,20 or 50)
Units g,kg,t
Control I/O 6 selectable output nodes
(non-voltage contact point or open collector input)
8 selectable input nodes (open collector output)
maximum load voltage : DC 30V
maximum load current : 50mA
Standard serial output 20mA current loop (for use with A&D peripheral devices)
Setpoint For Digital Switch and AD-4401-06 (setpoint unit) connection
Power supply voltage AC100 to 240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption Approx. 30VA
Operating temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Operating humidity 85% R.H. or less (No condensation)
External dimensions 144(W) x 72(H) x 197(D) mm
Panel cut dimensions 138 x 68 mm
AD4401A-01 Parallel BDC output (open collector)
AD4401A-03 RS-422/485
AD4401A-04 RS-232C
AD4401-06 Setpoint unit (Panel cut 181(W) x 53(H) mm)
AD4401A-07 Analog Output
AD4401-10 Stainless steel side panel


Standard accessories

Simplified manual, control I/O connector, standard serial output connector, capacity plate, unit label, panel mount packing, terminal block cover, rubber pads


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