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PT253 Industrial Weighing Indicator



Kitoma Indonesia : PT253 Industrial Weighing Indicator

Stainless steel Industrial Weighing Indicator

Item Available

PT253 : Standard PT253
PT253S2 : Optional 2nd RS-232 serial port

The PT253 is a low cost, high quality general purpose weighing indicator for industry in a durable stainless steel housing.

The PT253 is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 6000 and 2x6000 intervals in accordance with OIML R76.

Weighing, Counting, Check weighing and Dynamic weighing for animals are standard as is printing which is selectable from 4 languages. It has 100 memory locations for Average Part Weight for Counting and 100 product memories for check weighing.

Under, OK, Over Status bars and programmable buzzer for operator prompting are available for check weighing.

Easy and practical operation via navigation keys with two programmable function keys and 25mm large digits and wide viewing angle, multi-colour backlit LCD display. The PT253 is powered by AC power with integral mains cable and internal re-chargeable Li-ion long life battery. Powering from 12VDC is possible.


General features

  • 25mm wide angle LCD display with back light
  • Up to 30000d display resolution
  • OIML approved
  • 2 programmable function keys and navigation keys provide easy operation
  • Linearity correction
  • Gravity Adjustment
  • Li-Ion long life rechargeable battery
  • Auto Power off
  • Accumulated weighing
  • RS-232C data port standard
  • Programmable print format
  • Choice of 5 languages for printing (English/German/French/Spanish/Turkish)
  • Built in real time clock
  • 2nd RS-232C port option
  • Stainless steel housing

Basic Weighing

  • Multiple tare
  • Auto tare
  • Weight accumulation and memory
  • Unit change (g, kg, oz, lb)
  • Ticket with Date, Time, Ticket no, Gross, Tare & Net Weight

Check Weighing

  • 100 product memories
  • Under, OK, Over Status Bars on Display
  • Acoustic warning with buzzer


  • 100 product memories
  • Parts count accumulation
  • APW optimisation

Animal Weighing

  • Smart dynamic weighing algorithm for animal weighing


  • Basic Weighing
  • High/Low/OK check Weighing with buzzer and display colour change
  • Clock, Calender & part memory locations
  • lb/kg,g/oz switching
  • Live animal weight
  • Totalising for weighing and counting
  • Counting


PT253 Specifications


Model name PT253
Accuracy OIML R76 Class III 6000 (single range) and 2x 6000 (multi-range) intervals
Display 112x40mm extra wide angle backlit LCD with 25mm digit height and 3 back light colours
Resolution Max. Displayed 30000, internal 16000000, 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC
Units display g, kg, oz, lb
Display Annunciators Gross, net, motion, centre of zero, units
Keypad 9 key (on/off, user assignable Function, Tare/Clear, Zero, navigation and memory)
Excitation 5V, up to 4x 350Ω or 8x 700Ω load cells, 4 or 6 wire
Input voltage range and sensitivity 0mV to +18mV. Minimum 0.1 μV/division
Zero adjustment input range -18mV to +18mV
Operating Environment -15ºC to +55ºC; max. 85% RH, non-condensing. IP65 with front panel sealing.
Enclosure and Dimensions Stainless steel, IP65 protected. 225x135x90mm
Power Supply 2000mAh Li-ion Battery, up to 36 hours continuous operation for single load cell and 24 hours continuous operation for 4x350 Ohm load cells. Programmable auto power off.
Battery Charging Integral cable, 100-230 VAC (100-125VAC with USA plug), 50-60 Hz. 12VDC (10.5-14.6) configurable.
Calibration Calibration can be performed with or without load cell non-linearity correction.
Digital filter Adaptive digital filter adjustable in 3 steps for standard weighing, Adaptive digital filter adjustable in 4 steps for dynamic (animal) weighing.
Weighing functions Taring, zeroing, auto zero tracking, motion detection, auto zero at power up, increased resolution, unit change, temporary gross weight indication, dynamic(animal) weighing.
Counting Sampling or using Average Part Memory (APW), APW optimization is available with APW memory for 100 different parts. Sampling quantity selectable as 10,20,30,50,100 pcs.
Check Weighing (Classifying) Under, OK, Over status bars on display and programmable buzzer, Memory for 100 products. Operator prompting with Under, OK, Over status bars on display and programmable internal buzzer
Dynamic (Animal Weighing) Supported by smart dynamic weighing algorithms
RS-232 1200 to 115200 baud, 8N1. 2nd RS232 available as an option (transmit only).
Data output Demand, Continuous and Fast Continuous
Printing/Weigh Ticket  
Ticket Format Programmable for different weighing modes. Format may include Date, Time, Ticket No, Gross, Tare and Net weights, Quantity. Label (print ticket) count number can be Preset.
Date Format Programmable as, mm.dd.yyyy or
Print languages English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish



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