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Ohaus Ranger 7000 Compact Scales



Kitoma Indonesia : Ohaus Ranger 7000 Compact Scales

Compact Bench Scales

Ohaus Ranger 7000 models

R71MD3 : 3 kg/ 6 lb
R71MD6 : 6 kg/ 15 lb
R71MD15 : 15 kg/ 30 lb
R71MD35 : 35 kg/ 70 lb
R71MD60 : 60 kg/ 150 lb
R71MHD3 : 3 kg/ 6 lb
R71MHD6 : 6 kg/ 15 lb
R71MHD15 : 15 kg/ 30 lb
R71MHD35 : 35 kg/ 70 lb

Advanced Application Modes

Determine the weight of items in the selected unit of measure

Density Determination
Determine density of solids. With the weigh below hook, it’s possible to perform specific gravity tests for objects that cannot be easily placed on the weighing pan.

Fill a container to target weight. Progress bar display filling status. Connect with Discrete I/O option kit for auto-fillinf system.

Differential Weighing
Calculate the difference between sample weight and intial weights.

Parts Counting
Count samples of uniform weight. Advanced auto-optimization software recalculates the average piece weight as the overall weight increases.

Dynamic Weighing
Weigh an unstable load. Scale takes an average of weights over a period of time

For compounding and recipe making. Available “compensation mode” which enables recalculation in case component added is outside the tolerance.

Check Weighing/Counting
Compare the weight/count of a sample against target limits. Connect with Discrete I/O option kit for external check lights.

Percent Weighing
Measure the weight of a sample displayed as a percentage of a pre-established Reference Weight.

Unit of Measurement

  • Gram
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Pound:Ounce

Standard Features Include

Advanced Features Take Industrial Weighing to the Next Level — Ranger 7000 has ten advanced application modes for a variety of complex applications which minimize the need for manual calculations, and can also control peripheral devices and/or a scale platform with option kit.

Fast Performance and Legal for Trade Certifications assure Accurate Results — With a one second stabilization time, up to 75,000d or 350,000d display resolution and legal for trade certifications, Ranger 7000 provides the precision that cannot be matched by any scale in its class.

Sturdy Industrial and Modular Design Support Flexible and Heavy-Duty Use — Ranger 7000 was developed to thrive in rugged and harsh industrial environments. This modular scale was built with IP54 cast metal housing and sealed metal indicator to ensure durability.

Cutting-Edge SmarText™ 2.0 Software Powers the Technologically Advanced Ranger 7000 — With SmarText 2.0 software and a 4.3 inch graphic display, the advanced functionality of Ranger 7000 is simple to use with minimal training.


Advanced Features take Industrial Weighing to the next level







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